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Lava Storm is another Hustle Castle stage that will require the player to build up a bit before moving on. This small walkthrough and guide will go over the basics and what can be done to improve for Lava Storm completion.

The easiest thing to do that can take awhile is to just upgrade rooms you have and make better gear to replace the weaker stuff. If you move forward in the game you’ll eventually pass the hurdles.

Lava Storm Tips

Best Class – At first using the archers can be a big help, but in the later part of the game the archers tends to be less useful than a mage and a warrior. The below poll would seem to confirm this the archer has gotten more votes lately. Make sure you try a different party because you might get a stronger outcome.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Crafting – Don’t forget to use your crafting station as they can be great for replacing old weaker gear. You can get shards for crafting by breaking down items in your inventory. The better the item broken down the higher quality the shard. You can also buy shards in the Portal shop.

Resurrection – The resurrect spell can be a big help when your dying a lot. Out of all the different party builds having a person to raise dead people is up at the higher end of the list. The resurrection spell comes on the weapons of mages sometime and will bring back a dead party member with a large amount of health, then after about 10 second the spell is ready again.

Spells – The spell Lion’s Spirit seem to be the most popular and best to use according to the poll below. Probably because it raises attack for the whole party by a large amount for a decent amount of time. The other good thing about Lion’s Spirit is it will increase the attack of spells too. Magic Orb is a close second for a good early damage spell.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Squad Power – Pay attention to your power level when you equip certain item. Some are better than other and you might not know it unless your watching your power level. Equipping the right armor for archers and mages will make a big difference when it comes to attack power. For some wierd reason you can put duel daggers with archer cloths for a very large power increase.

Stages Change Over Time – If you wait a certain amount of time stages can change the enemies and squad power. If at first it might seem hard try again later to find that it has maybe changes. This happened to me once on a Scorching Grounds stage. The enemies would always attack from behinds killing of me weaker back row, but after some time there where no enemies attacking from the back any more.

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  1. Great info! I beat it on the first attempt using the tips in this guide even thoughmy squad power was lower!!! The archer clothes with daggers and 2 Mages (1 with resurrection power) was KEY!!!

    My username is thatsMR2u

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