Dec 072017

The Hustle Castle iOS can be found on iTunes with the download below or stick around for a Review, Gameplay and Wiki and more. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is free to play with payed option strategy RPG developed by B.V..

This review will cover part of the basic operation of the game along with a gameplay video for your viewing purposes.

Hustle Castle iOS iTunes


Download Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom on iTunes


If you have ever played Fallout Shelter than you’ll be familiar with Hustle Castle from the get go. Build up your castle by adding rooms that do different things from producing resources to crafting weapons. Work your way across the world map to find the princess battling your way through stages that get more difficult as you go on.

Produce your own dwellers in the Living Room to help run your castle and fill the various positions from speed boosters to fighters.

Guard your castle resources against other players whole are trying to steal them or invade other peoples castle and try to steal their stuff. Join others in the Portal and try to earn Dark Souls that can be spend on items to further your advancement like legendary armor and special currency.


Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more.

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