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Hustle Castle Hot Ashes is the 9th stage in the Scorching Ground area and it’s a really big hurdle. The boss enemy is immune to physical damage and will target your back row first removing units that buff and heal if you have an archer. There are a couple ways of beating it and both of them will require upgrading parts of your castle to higher levels or having certain gear.

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Hustle Castle Hot Ashes Walkthrough & Guide

Method 1 – This way to pass Hot Ashes is to use your Magic Orb spell along with the resurrect spell that comes on mage weapons. At level 18 with very few things upgraded I was able to defeat the boss with 3 mages and one fighter. I made sure to remove the archer as they would be targeted first and then the rest of the squishy back row like mages. 2 of my mages had the resurrect spell on their weapon. My 2 Magic Orb where level 2 and did 4000 damage each. None of my dwellers were over level 30 for fighting training.

Method 2 – Use 3 level 3 Magic orbs along with 3 mages and one fighter tank class. If you don’t have the resurrect spell your gonna need to be a higher fighter level with 30+ gear. This method will take a little longer as your gonna need time to upgrade the necessary rooms. Remember when leveling up your dwellers to make sure they are 5 Star rank to save time on the long run, this can be done through the breeding processes in the Living Room.


Archers – This boss will target Archers first during battle then work his way to the front through the rest of your back row. This will make a tank useless until it’s too late. The best thing to do is change your archer into another mage so your front row is targeted first letting mages dish out more damage.

Enemy Stats – On the stage select screen you can tap the enemies picture for information on them along with tips for defeating them.

No Physical damage – The boss is immune to physical damage so when you have more fighters than other characters your damage is going to be small. since Archers will be targeted first your best line of attacks is to use magic so the boss will target a tank first. Only put in physical fighter to act as a tank to soak up the large amount of damage the boss puts out.

Resurrect Spell – Some mage weapons will have the resurrect spell that will revive a fallen dweller when their HP reaches zero. The spell will than take about 10 seconds to cooldown before it will be ready again. If you can have 2 or more of these weapons you will be pretty unstoppable in lots of situations.

Weak Against Magic – The best unit to use for damage for this boss is the mage as he is immune to physical damage.

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