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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Wiki Guide Tips WalkthroughA Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is developed by B.V. and is available for both Android and iOS free for download.

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Daily Chest – In the Market under Treasures you can get a free daily chest which has the chance at dropping common, uncommon and rare items.

Dwellers – These are the people that run your castle. You can get more dwellers by completing stages on the map in the beginning, then later you’ll have to breed them in the Living Room. You tap them to enter their inventory for putting on new gear. You can also drag them to different locations in your castle. When a room has to many people one will leave and start wondering around the castle, you’ll have to drag them to somewhere useful. They rank from 1-5 star ranking which determines how high they can be upgraded. You can increase their star ranking with diamonds or randomly throw breeding. The higher your star count the better chance of breeding a dweller with more stars.

Equipment – Be sure to equip your dwellers with the appropriate gear. Some equipment will increase the output of food and gold while others will increase attack and defense strength.

Food – You can put more than one person in your kitchen to increase the production of food output. Upgrade the kitchen to produce more food and use more dwellers. Make sure to put on the right gear for higher food output as well.

Free Diamonds – You can get free diamonds by tapping the bubbles that appear over dwellers heads in the castle. The amount received is around 3 each time so not that much, but still free. It will happen on sad faces or negative expressions as well as the others. The frequency of getting free diamonds isn’t to high with about 1 in 20 taps on bubbles. You can also get free diamonds by completing achievements. Use Dark Souls to purchase diamonds when the portal is open in the shop.

Gold – Gold is needed to purchase and upgrade rooms in your castle. You can put more than 1 dweller in your Treasury to increase the gold earned over time. Be sure to equipped the right gear so you can earn as much gold as possible. One of the fastest ways to get gold is be completing stages on the map. Remember though there is a max to how much gold you can have at one time so make sure your Treasury is the appropriate level.

Protecting Gold – You can save up chest then use them right before a purchase for gold. This will save gold without having other players steal it.


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  1. some update tips for developers:
    Special robot avatar, 250diamond buy, defense troop send the clan,
    castle decoration, castle flag change, survival pvp pl: 1-30 round, global languae, healer unit, fly unit which only the wizard can shoot, diamond mine, desert and snowy texture map, daily bonus pl: 1-5daily 5diamons 6-10daily 10diamond ….. , 2fighter training room and 2hospital minimum 2hospital, special alien avatar, different rank attacks, delete error fixes for conversation,unlimited equipment trading, unlimited exchange option in the clan, thanks developers 😀

  2. Thanks for your guides 🙂
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  3. Question: when I scout it will say my strength is 30,000 but then when the attack begins my strength bar says I am 13,000. Explanation?

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