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In Hustle Castle you will have to breed new dwellers on your own for more population in the castle after receiving the short few in the beginning by saving them in mission areas. When breeding new dwellers in the Living Room the outcome can have anywhere from 1 Star to 5 Star quality.

Dwellers Breeding Guide


Living Room – When using the Living room there are 2 methods of arranging the people in the room. You can have one male and the rest females or you can have 2 males and 2 females. You can leave them in the room and they will automatically reproduce when their cool down timers reset.

The fastest way is to switch out the females when they get pregnant with new ones. The main objective is to get high quality characters so you should banish them from the castle when their stats are to low.

Breeding 4 Star

At the start of the game you will get 3 star ranked dwellers that will eventually have a 4 star baby. When you get a 4 Star put them into the breeding process to increase the chances of getting 4’s and 5’s. The odds of getting a 4 with two 3’s is about one 1 in 10.

Breeding 5 Star

To get 5 Star dwellers without having to pay diamonds for upgrades just use the Living Room. You’ll want to use at least two 4 Stars for the best chance in the beginning to get a 5 Star which again will be about 1 in 10 odds. When yo do get one your gonna want to put them in the breeding process. If your patient you can easily fill the whole castle with 5 Star dwellers for free.

Your gonna need at least 6 of the best quality to be able to use gear up to level requirement 100. Only then can you reach the higher difficulty areas of this app. If your upgrading a dweller for fighting that doesn’t have max stars than your wasting your time as you’ll have to retrain another person later. It’s best to get your 6 best fighters ready as soon as possible using the Living Room using the info above.

In the long run getting the best residence is pretty easy to do considering it’s an Android app the usually charges for stuff like that. It almost breaks the purchase options as the cost to buy a 5S through the upgrade option in the equip menu can be over $30.

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