Jan 052018

Hustle Castle Defense is really important if you want to hold onto your resources which will help you build and upgrade faster. The game seems to be setup up so no matter your defense some other player will eventually come through and defeat you. Players that spend money will have the advantage over those who do not.

Arsenal – Upgrading your arsenal so you have extra attack power can make a big difference, especially when you get it increased by a good amount. Just upgrading the room wont make the difference as you’ll also have to upgrade each unit too which can be expensive and time consuming.

Decoy & Bluffing – Sometimes when you increase squad power it will actually make your party weaker, though this can come in handy when trying to help prevent other players from trying to steal your resources. If you put melee weapons on an archer you will get the biggest increase possible for a class. This will put an archer on the front lines where they will more than lily be cut down fast with causing too much damage. The side effect of this tactic is that if a player decides to look at your gear or is close to your strength they will more than likely win against you. On the other hand if your squad power is raised enough they can just look at that and keep moving without attacking.

Premium Account – If you purchase premium benefits then when people steal your resources they will take less than normal.

Protecting Resources – One way to keep resources is to leave them in there respective production rooms. This can be tricky though as you might end up wasting resources by having a full room.

Squad Power – The only real way to keep players from taking your stuff is to have a high squad power. This can only be done by equipping strong gear found in chest and made through crafting. Crafting items is one of the best way to get good gear and replace the weaker stuff.

Check the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

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