Dec 302017

Being in a Hustle Castle Clan can have benefits thought they might not be that big. About the only thing you can do to help your group is to give them resources when they ask for them. To do that though you’ll need multiple members to donate before you can get your resources. When increasing the level of your hall you’ll be able to request more resources.

Since this game is still kind of new and they seem to still be adding new stuff the developers might add more option in the future since it seems to be limited.

Join the “Fallout Shelter” Clan

I have started a clan and called it Fallout Shelter which is named after the game Hustle Castle is a lot like. I know the name isn’t the best, but I had to think of something. There are no limitations for joining and everyone is welcome. It seems to be a hard task to find a clan that has enough people to share resources since you’ll need several people to do so. I figure this post will help gather new members who would like to join one that is active with many players.

Leave Your Clan In The Comments Below

If you would like to leave the name of your clan in the comments so people can join feel free to do so. It costs 50,000 gold to start a new one which isn’t that much after playing for awhile.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more.

  15 Responses to “Hustle Castle Clan Info Join One or Leave Yours In Comments”

  1. The Discord Server for the Clan mentioned in the post above (Fallout Shelter) can be found here:

  2. How to join one pls

  3. Clan AzzHol is open to any player with a clan hall no trophy limit so everyone has a chance to get in.

  4. I’d love to join your clan, but can’t figure out how to search for it. I’ve only been playing for 1.5 days, but am TOTALLY hooked. (And maybe joining a clan will stop me from spending real money on gems, since I’m already blowing through money and my wife’s gonna make me sleep on the couch if I don’t knock it off, though!)
    Anywhos… how does one search for a specific clan a or do I need to go through all of them until
    I find “Fallout Shelter”?
    Btw – if you wanna send me an invite, my handle is “ArtfulDodger”.
    Hope to hear from you soon… Thanks!

  5. Borderlands War is my clan name

  6. American Rebels here to kick some a$$! Join us for a fun guild.

  7. Regulators

  8. my clan is called “the cool place”
    come and join us, I am very active and addicted

  9. Join my clan Gladiators LV , I’m active player and just started my own clan so there is many free spots at the moment 😁

  10. We are looking for clan members for clan wars. Please join us.


  11. Citadel Canada is looking for active players for Clan Wars.

  12. Started a new clan looking for active members who like to contribute and play the new clan wars. All are welcome clan name is deceiver. Thanks and have fun.

  13. Join PMO. Get 2 referrals or join as a level 20+ to join as an officer. All ranks welcome as long as you’re active!

  14. Looking for a competitive clan to join. Level 25, scored 60k glory points last war.

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