Dec 132017

The Barracks in Hustle Castle is one of your most used and important rooms. When you put dwellers in the Barracks they will be your fighters that will protect the castle from invaders and fight for you when going through the world map stages. These fighter will also be the attackers when in the Portal and fight for you in the Arena.

When you dwellers are in the Barracks your going to want to equip them with the best gear you can find to increase Squad Power. Squad Power will show other players how strong you are and if you can be defeated when attacked. The number doesn’t always guarantee a win as players can have many different team builds that can give you the upper hand.

One of the most important things in the game is to have dwellers with high potential so the can train up to the highest levels and be able to equip the best equipment. There are 2 ways of doing this. The first is to use diamonds to upgrade existing dwellers to five star.This can get expensive fast if your planning on spending real money.

The other way will take more time, but is a lot cheaper in the long run. You’ll have to use the Living Room to breed your own. The process is pretty straight forward just use your best units for the best results. Eventually you should have a five star ranked character that should be used in the breeding process until you can get enough to work in the castle.

Having dwellers with high potential is one of the most important moves in this game as they will eventually become the best fighters you can have. You gonna need at least six of them to fill up the ranks of the Barracks. You should start your breeding early so you wont have to retrain people which can take a long time.

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