Dec 122017

The Hustle Castle Arsenal is a must for castle defenses and should be upgraded as soon as possible to help protect your resources from other players. Each level increase will unlock a new type of attack unit that can cause statues effects along with dealing damage to the whole enemy party. Every unit will have 3 different variations that you can choose from that will cause damage, deal statues effects and more. You get to choose which one is right for you though some are better than others.

The Arsenal is one of the few rooms already built when you start the game, but can’t be used until you purchase the required upgrade cost. Once you have purchased something it will show up on or around the castle gate that can be viewed be scrolling to the top left side of the screen. Here’s some tips and tricks that can help shed light on things if your kinda new.

Hustle Castle Arsenal

Ballista Lv 1

The Ballista is your first weapon that is available when first purchasing the Arsenal. It will fire large arrows that will damage all enemies at the same time. After about a 10 second cooldown the Ballista will fire again and again until the match is over.

  • Fiery – Deals damage and has the chance of dealing double damage.
  • Icy – Stuns the enemy when it hits them for a short period of time.
  • Poisonous – Deals more damage than Fiery, but damage is dealt over time.

Magic Runes Lv 2

Magic runes will lay on the ground like a trap and effect the enemies attributes.

  • Fiery – Lowers the amount of damage dealt by the enemy.
  • Icy – Makes the cooldown period for enemy spells and skills take longer.
  • Poisonous – Will increase the amount of damage taken by the enemy.


Archers Tower Lv 3

The Archers Tower lets you have a single archer that will attack at a certain rate from a high position. The archer is good for targeting the back rows and taking down the players with weaker defense.

Moat Lv 4

The Moat spills hot liquids across the ground doing damage and slowing the enemy.

Kraken Lv 5

The large Kraken will hit the invading party with it’s tentacles from under the bridge dealing damage and statues effects.

Ancient Totems Lv 6

These Ancient Totems will offer various boosts to your parties attributes in battle.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

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