Dec 102017

The newest addition to Hustle Castle is the Arena Tournament which has artifacts that can add increased power to your fighting party. Your gonna need to be at your best game to make it to the top of the ranking in the Arena as the players there are tough.

These matches can be easier to win then trying to raid someones castle as they wont have any castle defenses to help them out. If your having trouble check out our tips and tricks that can help shed some light on things.


What are Tickets – Tickets are won by getting first place in the arena or opening the royal chest. You can then spend your ticket on an upgraded arena match that will have the chance of winning more badges of valor and the Royal Tournament Chest for 1st through 3rd finishers.

How to get Tickets – You can only get tickets by winning first place in the Arena or by opening a royal chest. Tickets wont be that easy to get as you’ll have to have high attack rating if your gonna make it to the top.


Artifacts are unique items that can only be purchased in the Arena shop using badges of valor. These can add much more attack power to your party by summoning different units when meeting certain perimeters like when an ally dies. If you have more than one of the same artifact the bonuses wont stack and you’ll be wasting an equipment slot.

Badges of Valor

What are Badges of Valor – These are used to purchase items from the Arena shop only. They can only be gotten by participating in the Arena. Unlike the portal they will not disappear after time so you can take your time saving up for items in the shop.

Royal Chest

The royal chest can only be gotten randomly when placing 1st through 3rd after using a ticket to start an arena match. If your strong enough you can keep getting royal chest by wining in the top 3. This will allow for some serious equipment upgrades including having more legendary gear than you can handle. The royal chest drops 2-4 epic items, 1-2 legendary items, 5-10 tickets and 500-1000 badges of valor.

Check out the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more that’s updated regularly.

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  1. “You can only get tickets by winning first place in the Arena or by opening a royal chest” – This isn’t true. You can also get tickets by completing the Movie Theater daily quest, and by stopping 10 invasions, IIRC.

  2. Badges of Valor DO get lost at the end of each season, so spend them in the arena store before the end of season!

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