Nov 162017

In this Hustle Castle 5 Star Guide with Tips I’ll go over how to get 5 star dwellers. The most expensive way is to upgrade a dweller you already have costing 750 Diamonds for 4 Stars and then 2000 Diamonds for 5 Stars. You can breed 4 stars with 2 3 stars dwellers about 1 in 10 though buying them with diamonds using real money is faster, but is it worth it.

Your gonna need at least 6 5 Star rank fighters if you wanna be the best as you can then upgrade the fighter rank to 100. When your in the highest rank you’ll be able to use the best gear and that will dramatically make a difference when it comes to max DPS and making sure know body takes your resources and gold.

Having max stars on dwellers is a must to be able to complete all content in Hustle Castle. Since probably most people might not have the cash to blow on this game by purchasing diamonds most people will want to know if your can breed the coveted 5 Star and that answer is yes.

Your gonna want to get 4’s then try for 5’s with them. It’s gonna take some time as the odds seem to be pretty low. The best thing you can do is upgrade your Living Room so more dwellers can do their thing and make sure they are of the best quality possible for the best chance to get the best.

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