Dec 132017

If your wondering how to banish and delete dwellers in Hustle Castle it really couldn’t be easier. Simply tap on the dweller that you would like to get rid of and this should take you to their inventory screen. Now tap the round button with 3 lines just to the right of their name. This will bring up the options to rename them or banish them from the castle. You should see them run through the castle, out the front gate, over the bridge and gone forever off the screen after letting them go.

When banishing all equipment should be removed automatically though you might want to do it manually just to be on the safe side. Your also going to have to wait until they are full grow and wont be able to view or delete children. Once there gone there gone forever freeing up space to hopefully get better ones on the next try.

Your gonna get a lot of low quality dwellers in the quest for five star potential. If your not going for five star potential you should as your gonna need at least six of them to fill up your Barracks so they can attain the highest level and wear the best gear.

The developers planned on the banishing of many as there is an achievement for doing so. You should be able to get plenty of five star dwellers long before completing the achievements. After that you can set the breeding proccess on auto by having one male in the Living Room and 3 females. The only thing you’ll be required to do is tap on their head during the birthing process and tapping on the cakes when they grow up.

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