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Below are various Hero Hunters Tips and Tricks that can help shed some light on things. For the most part stuff is pretty straight forward. Your going to want to have the strongest party to be able to complete the hardest stages, this will take some time though.

If your having trouble moving ahead in the game is probably because this app is really geared towards making real money rather than having people enjoy gameplay. It will take time to move forward unless you spend lots of money which the game seems to be to expensive to play when compared to many other apps.

Hero Hunters Tips And Tricks

Farming – You will soon get to a stage that you will not be able to complete until you level up more or get new team members that are stronger. The best thing you can do in these situations is to replay past stages to get stronger. You should play the furthest stages that you can complete for the most rewards and experience.

Hero Crate – This is one of the best places to get heroes in the game. You can get good characters to play with and you wont have to collect all of those fragment pieces. The cost is going to be 300 gold which can be a lot for players that don’t plan on spending money. It will take awhile to earn enough gold to open a crate. I here that your probably wasting your money if your planning on spending it on this app as the gold received is a very small amount and the chances of getting good heroes with lots of stars will be slow going.

Stars – You may have already noticed that even though the max stars a hero can have goes up to 10, the most the games seems to have at the moment is 7 star heroes. This probably means that the developer is planning on coming out with some new content soon. As long as this game has been out they should be coming out with an update any day now.

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