Feb 242018

The Hero Hunters Piggy Bank is a way to earn extra gold though you will have to pay for it using real money. The Piggy Bank won’t be available right away in the game, but it will appear later on. Every time you do various things in the game you will put more gold in the bank and after it is full you can purchase it for a possible better value than just buying some gold straight up.

It seems like the first time you buy the piggy you will be getting a pretty good deal on gold. The next times you have a chance to purchase it on the other hand wont have to much of an advantage over the other gold for sale. Each time you purchase it the amount of gold earned will increase along with the price using real money.

This feature is only going to be helpful for the people willing to pay real money while playing the game. Free players will not be able to benefit from this since it cost real money.

The video below has some hands on info that can help you if you have not made a purchase yet and were wondering what your getting into.

Gold is useful for purchasing various things in the store like crates which can be a good source of new heroes. Besides chests there isn’t a whole lots to spend gold on. Hero Crates seem to be the best buy when it come to getting a new hero with decent stats.

If your interested in more related information you can check out the Hero Hunters Wiki.

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