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Since there doesn’t seem to be a official Hero Hunters Forum I set up this post so that people can share there thoughts and ideas in the comments below. For the most parts things are pretty straight forward when it comes to game progression. You’ll start out with a very small amount of playable characters in the beginning. It might not be the best idea to upgrade the first ones you get so you can save upgrade parts for better heroes.

One things to note that night be obvious at first is that hero stars only seem to go up to 7 stars instead of the 10 that are shown in hero stat menus. Unless the developers decide to ad more content in the future it looks like the game might not have the content to fill the game expectations. There might be a good chance for them to add more units as there seems to be less than other games of the same type.

Joining an Alliance can be good for getting advice from other players. Besides communication and a ranking score I’m not entirely sure what else an Alliance is good for. If you having a had time joining one you can always start your own. Also many alliances seem to have heavy restrictions when it come to team level so starting your own might be a better option, though you should be able to find one to join without to much hassle.

The game will start to get pretty challenging just after completing the tutorial. This is when your going to want to use what you learned and possible grind a little for leveling purposes. The developers seem to have made a app that is consistent with many others out there in that it will probably cost you a lot of real money if you want to get far in the game which can be a major turn off for probably most gamers.

If your interested in more related information you can check out the Hero Hunters Wiki.

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