Mar 102018

Hero Hunters Cheats are going to be pretty hard to come by since apps like these will keep them out of the app on purpose to increase sales and in game purchases. One thing you can do is turn off your data to sop ads from showing up.

Some websites might have modded apps available that have things like infinite currency or god mode. Since this apps requires an online connection your chances of finding a modded app are going to be slim pickings since online apps check for this type of thing before starting the app.

Lots of game in the past used to have all kinds of things you could do to alter the game, but mobile seems to be pretty empty when it comes to cheats. On thing is for sure though and that when you use cheat the game will often become much more boring and you’ll probably quit very soon after using them. This happened to me with Skyrim along with tons of other games.

If your interested in more related information you can check out the Hero Hunters Wiki.

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