Feb 032018

Some Grow Castle Tips, Tricks, Cheats, plus Walkthrough and Guide info. Grow Castle is a very long game with what seems like infinite wave amounts. You can look at the leader boards or wave counts and the furthest that anyone has gotten is pretty far and further than the ones before him, it must be some kind of hack as it would take too much time to get done.

Grow Castle Tips and Tricks

Crystals – You will get a crystal for every wave that you complete along with finding them in chest that appear on the battle filed that need to be tapped. Crystals can be used for several things like skipping ahead waves, unlocking enemy weak spots and turning them in for gold at the market.

Decks – You can have different sets ups and keep them ready in your decks. It’s best to have a deck that is set up for gold production along with one that is set up for max power output. You can do a lot of other combination that can be ready at an instant.

Earning Gold Passively – Since the game will produce gold in various ways while your playing you can leave your device on while plugged in to generate income passively.

First Hurdle – One of the first places things will start to get hard is on wave 110. This is where the developers have turned up the difficulty so you’ll have to level things up to get past. One of the biggest factors when it comes to beating wave 110 is selecting a good hero for the front lines. Edward can be a big improvement if you have lots of summons and would mind a couple more with upgraded power. Once you get past 110 things wont be as difficult for awhile though they eventually will get hard again. Try to keep things upgraded to stay ahead of the curve.

Strong Party – The characters that you start with are much less powerful than others that are for sale. You should replace the starting characters will more expensive ones that have better skills and higher attack power. Make sure to do this before you upgrade them too much as they may never be used again. After a short time playing you should be able to get enough gold to unlock any of the character available besides the ones that must be found in the game.

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