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A Empires and Puzzles Wiki with Strategy Guide and Walkthrough info. Empires and Puzzles is a Role Playing games with a puzzle feature developed by Small Giant Games and is available free for download on Android and iOS. Check back to this Wiki for updated and new content. Feel free to leave any helpful comments below.

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Tips and Tricks

Beating Levels Easy – The best way to play a level is to get the parties special attacks ready before taking on the next wave. This will let you take out most of a new waves enemies right away without having to take much damage. And then always remember to have many party members fully charged for a boss battle so you can take them out right away. Fighting a boss from scratch without any special moves charged will make the battle much harder as the boss will be given a chance to deal lots of damage. With these tactics you should be able to get further than the developers probably intended for your current level.

Epic 4 Star Heroes – You can get Epic 4 star heroes by drawing them from a stores random option or you can make your own with a level 13 or 20 training camp.


To move forward in the game you gonna want to build up your castle area while you try to get as far as you can with the story mission stages. Story mission will give you experience that will raise you main account level and unlock more features as well as increase you energy limits and hero inventory size.

As you build your castle area up the time it takes for building to complete will be much longer.

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