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This is a short Empires and Puzzles Titan Guide with Tips to help out during gameplay. If your new to this app your gonna have to join an Alliance before you’ll be able to fight Titans. Your going to want to find an Alliance that has lots of people so you can take down the big 5 start titans. The trick to defeating them is having strong players that can deal lots of damage.

On of the biggest things to remember when fighting Titans is that when you hit there weak spot more than 3 times in one move you’ll stun them so they don’t attack for that turn. The will how ever be unstunned right away the next turn, though you can hit them again with 3 or more puzzle pieces for an unlimited amount of stunning. The key to dealing lots of damage on the big ones is to stun constantly so your party stays alive and can execute there skills. Plus your gonna want to hit the weak spot as much as possible for extra damage.

If your not in the mood to play or you want to maximize the amount of matches made during a round you can use the auto fight function. This will randomly select matches and use skills right when they become available. Auto fight can have it’s draw backs like avoiding 4 and 5 matches which can hold you back. If your quick enough you can turn off auto and select bigger matches before they are messed up.

If you want to deal more damage to the Titans than you going to have to level up your heroes. This will be the biggest factor in dealing lots of damage besides having a strong party.

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