Jan 162018

Below are some Empires and Puzzles Tips and Tricks that can help make the game funner and easier to complete. For the most part it will take some people about 7 months to reach level 20 Stronghold, though playing a lot you should be able to get there sooner.

Check back in the near future for updated and new content.

Empires and Puzzles Tips and Tricks

Alliance – Joining an Alliance is important for defeating Titans and getting extra rewards. The stronger the titan the better the reward. You need to be with a group that has high attack power to make the most use out of titans. It may be a lot easier to join one that’s almost full instead of making your own which can take awhile to fill up with people.

Beating Story Mission Levels – The trick to winning story mission is to ready your special attacks for most of the party before moving onto the next wave. This will let you destroy most of the enemies right away when switching waves and give time to charge up your special attacks again before the boss. The bosses are much easier when you can hit them with any special to hopefully defe3at them right away or at least pretty close.

Forge – the Forge is great for producing various items that will help you in battle. With these items you should be able to make it past most story mission unless your to under leveled. Where these come in handy the most would be on stages with 4 waves.

Gems – Gems seem to be the best spent on the Summon gate and for Epic Hero Summon. This will give the chance of getting a 3, 4 or 5 star hero. 4 and 5 start heroes are much harder to get the 3 stars.

Raids – These can be great for getting extra resources if you can find someone to beat. The competition is pretty tough unless you reroll a lot with spending food. If your not interested at being the next person trying for a high rank you can flee battles to reroll which can be good for getting a more beatable opponent on the next roll.

Training Camp – This is were you can use recruits to make heroes that can be combined with others for experience. When you get the Training Camp to level 13 you will be able to produce 4 star heroes with a certain chance, not a 100%. Then finally when the Camp reaches level 20 you will have the chance to earn 5 star heroes.

Watchtower – This is great for extra resources. Be sure to collect them though before someone else steal them. Also the second building that uses food to upgrade besides the Mine.

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