Mar 242018

Emma González for the most part has no idea what shes talking about when it comes to gun control. Why would you ask a kid without any real life experience such important questions anyhow. It comes off as a huge manipulation campaign designed to take guns so that America can be destroyed, plain and simple.

When you compare guns crimes to other things that kill people there are a lot more dangerous things in the world. Take the FDA for example who uses treatments instead of cures and hurts, kills or murders 15 million people a year in the US. I don’t see the MSM making a big fuss about how most doctors are way over their head in insurance fraud which should land them in prison and strip there “practicing/cult” ability.

How about cigarette smoke which kills a ton of people a year. It’s pretty obvious for that one, people are killing people with cigarettes. They have even been sued recently and now have to say they are getting people addicted on purpose and yet they are still in business. If I had a restaurant that caused a fraction of the damage done by the FDA and cigarettes I would be thrown in jail for along time.

Lots of people probably already know that if you get rid of guns than home invasions go up like 8 times along with lots of other increased crime.

There is no doubt that the US government is trying to take the guns because they have been identified as completely corrupt and they refuse to leave there job positions. They want to take the guns so people aren’t pushed into taking America back for the people the hard way which would be way overly justified at this point.

The government is full of over paid employees that seem to be draining the economy on purpose for destabilization and to help take over the American people.

Emma González is definitely being used be people who carry out false flags and has been coached by crisis actors. I would put my money on the fact that the people trying to take the guns are the reason we need guns and they should be thrown in prison for mega elite high treason.

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