Dec 062017

A DUNIDLE Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. DUNIDLE is an Idle RPG Dungeon Crawler developed by ARATNON – 2D Pixel Game and is available free for download on Android.

Check back to this Dunidle Wiki in the near future for new and updated content.



Legendary Artifacts


Ad Free – Every once in awhile dying will trigger an ad to pop up you can avoid the ads by turning off your WiFi or data. The other option is to exit to your home screen then enter the app again and the ad should be gone. If you make any purchase the ads will also be removed.

Equipment – When purchasing chest in the equipment area you can tap the left arrow under the chest to increase the tier and quality of weapon.

Party Upgrades – Be sure to upgrade your party setting for attracting more heroes as this will add more characters to your party so you can make it further into the dungeon. The gold upgrade has quite the payoff as it will dramatically increase the amount of gold found in the dungeon.

Selling Gear – Sell items that you don’t need anymore or that are weak so you can make room in the inventory and a little cash back. Weapons will have the best buy back cost which is about have the purchase price while rings wont get too much of you money back.

Tier 20 Gear Early – You can watch a free gem video after every time you attempt the dungeon. Doing this 21 times will give you enough gems to purchase a Tier 20 weapon for a class that can be used to get extremely far in the dungeon very early in the game. Then pair this weapon with a life steal ring and you will survive along time. The only bad thing about buying a Tier 20 with gems is the weapon will disappear when you prestige so your better off buying a legendary for 200 gems which will stick around after the reset when prestiging.



Build up your parties level and equipment to make it further into the dungeon. Upgrade skills to increase your party size, gold earned, game speed on more. Fight a boss every 10 stages and skip completed stages once gotten far enough. Once upgrade a certain skill you can earn gold while offline and the app is closed.


There are no cheats listed for this games yet.

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