Feb 052018

Below are Dungeon Village Tips and Tricks that can help shed some light on things that you may not have realized. For the most part this app is pretty easy to play and making it to the end will happen eventually if you keep playing. This isn’t your typical app where it’s gameplay isn’t spread out so long that you’ll never finish playing it.

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Alchemy Pot – When unlocking crafting recipes at first your going to want to fill the cauldron up to max if you can. This will speed up the revealing of new recipes. After awhile you will be able to upgrade the pot so you can put in more items. Try to focus on the Drk elements as you will need a lot of them and they are hard to come by, try using Bat Wings and Chocolate along with special items. The beset way to fill it up is to purchase all of the cheapest items at the store. After you have unlocked everything you can focus on using items that produce more element spending currency.

Free Full Version – If your playing the lite version, then the full game is gonna be needed for the best gameplay experience. You should be able to find the app for free on Google Play though you can also see a paid version as well.

Inn – The Inn is where the heroes will spend lots of their time. As since of the high traffic to this building it should be placed and the entrance to the enemy fields for fastest use. Since the Inn is used so much it may be better to level it up all the way with gifts earlier rather than later. This will help produce that much more income on probably the most used building.

Making Money – When playing around the beginning of the game earning money will be kind of hard. Not until later will you start to bank up large amount of gold or be able to buy all the best gear for your adventures. Try to get you Pop. up so you can attract more characters and use them to earn an income.

Vacant House – You can get adventurers to move to your town by building a vacant house and having the adventurers Sat at a high enough number. Sometime Sat only needs to be around 30 while sometimes it needs to be much higher. The further you get a character in the game the more Sat they will probably need to move in. You should try and get everyone moved in as soon as possible for extra money. Getting a Sat number up high enough for moving in isn’t that hard, just equip them with good gear and then fill them the rest of the way up by 10.s with gifts.

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