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A Dungeon Inc Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more depending on popularity. Dungeon Inc is a Simulation game developed by PIKPOK and is available free for download on Android on iOS.

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When To Claim Insurance Money Guide


Claiming Insurance – One of the best times to claim insurance is when you can’t beat any more audits. This will increase the rate at which you gain money and help get more relics. If you wanna gain insurance money the fastest than upgrading rooms is the way to do it after a short amount of playing the game. Just be sure to upgrade the last room for the biggest earnings boost.

Daily Login – Don’t forget to get your daily login bonus as you’ll get increasingly better rewards for doing so. On the 7th day you’ll get 200 gems which can be helpful.

Fast Progression – The trick to moving through the game fast is to level up your biggest room unlocked. This will dramatically increase the amount of gold gotten from chest and Blazen’s special gold earner. If you can’t afford it then upgrade the room just before it. For an even bigger added bonus your gonna want to keep Dead Letter in the room that earns the most gold for more chest earnings. When you get so far it’s a good idea to go back and level up older rooms for a large insurance bonus. This should keep you moving through the game the fastest.

Missions – Complete missions for bonus gems that can be used for purchasing chest or reviving fallen staff and repairing traps.

Reviving Staff – When staff fall in battle they will need a certain amount of time before they can be used again. This may mean that they will not be up in time for the next Audit wave. If you go to the home screen you will let the revive counter count down while the audit counter will be paused. This way you can have all staff for every audit.

Spin The Wheel – You can spin the wheel for a chance to get x1, x2, x3 or x4 earnings while the app is open. You can find the wheel in the upper right corner of your screen. If your not happy with the results you can always watch a video ad to to another chance at spinning the wheel.


For the most part things are pretty straight forward. Upgrade rooms as much as you can to open up news rooms and areas. Collect cards from chests to upgrade employees so you can defend against Audits and completed Raids for keys. When your ready to start over you can claim Insurance from the boss to get money that can be used for Relics along with other things.



Right now there aren’t any cheats available for Dungeon Inc and by the looks of it the developers probably won’t be implementing cheats anytime soon since the goal of the app is to make money. You might be able to set the clock ahead on your device to get more daily rewards though setting it back to the normal time might cause some problems with the app or at least not let you collect daily login bonuses until you reach the day you set it ahead to the most.

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