Jan 152018

Below are some useful Dungeon Inc Tips and Tricks along with other information on various features of the game.

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Dungeon Inc Tips and Tricks

Getting Staff – Chest are the best way to acquire and upgrade staff members. Getting as far as you can during audits will net you the most staff along with higher quality ones of epic rank.

Insurance – To get the most insurance money the faster will be with room upgrades after awhile. You can wait until you have completed all the audits that you can before claiming insurance money though this will slow things down when farming. The first 5 relics are the most important while the last 4 will help out more during raids. To get through the app the fastest and to reach the furthest areas your gonna have to upgrade the relic that increase gold while in the app. Without it you’ll move slowly through the app and earn currencies at a slower rate.

Unlocking Rooms Fast – The fastest way to unlock rooms is to upgrade the most expensive one. If you can’t afford it then upgrade the room just before it. This will dramatically increase the amount of gold found in chest and from Blazen’s special gold earning ability.

Your also going to want to focus on upgrading the relic called Ever-Watching Eye as this will increase the amount of gold produced in rooms. If your stuck in the app then your probably want to grind for more insurance money to up grade the relic.

For an even bigger increase to cash keep your staff called Dead Letter in the most expensive room for a healthy boost to earnings. You can just reasign her without having to unasign and reasign.

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