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Dungeon Inc Staff List, All Employees, Characters or whatever else you want to call them along with guide info and tips. Staff can be assigned to the various rooms to offer bonuses and protection during audits. When they die they will need a little time before they will fight again though they can be raised right away by using gems.

They are also used for raid where you can get keys that can be used for various things along with increasing insurance money. When opening chest you can find cards for staff that will increase their level and stats.

Dungeon Inc Staff List

Tree Fort

Blazen (Epic) Ranged – When tapping audit enemies you will gain gold, plus has a special to gain more gold overall.

Bort (Common) Melee – When this unit is defeated they will deal a large amount of damage to the nearest enemy. Since this units special move is to deal damage when it dies it might be best to place it in a place where you expect it to be killed like the first room.

Cubicle (Common) Melee – Chance to heal by a certain amount when attacked by enemies. This is the first staff that you will get and is one of the weakest available.

Dead Letter (Common) Melee – Boost the profit in a room by a large amount. It’s best to put this staff member in the room the produces the most goal for the biggest benefit.

Flim Flame (Rare) Ranged – When he kills an enemies you will gain a certain amount of gold. The more built up your rooms or and the further you are in the game the more gold you will get.

Junk Trunk (Common) Melee – Each attack will earn a certain amount of gold that will increase by raising it’s level and getting further in the game.


Bone Dry (Common) Melee – Boost a rooms production speed by a large amount. Best to put this unit in rooms that take the longest to produce gold.

Bubbler (Rare) Ranged – Attack have a chance to knock back enemies. This is a strong unit especially if you get him early.

Luncheon (Common) Melee – When attacked will increase attack damage for a short period of time.

Roll-A-Dex (Rare) Ranged – Increases tap damage.

Trim Reaper (Common) Melee -Get a certain amount of gold when your damaged by an enemy. While increase the further you are in the game.

Wizniak (Epic) Ranged – Has a chance to stun the enemy, plus has a special the will casue damage to all enemies in the dungeon and stun them.

Fire Fortuna

Cooldoron (Epic) Ranged – Deals damage to the closest enemy in the room.

Dapper (Epic) Ranged – Increases the entire dungeons gold earnings by a large amount, plus has a special that will deal extra damage over time.

Dexterity (Common) Melee – When attack will have a chance of dealing extra damage.

Glopsworth (Rare) Melee – Will cause damage to all the enemies in a room.

HR Ruff’n Stuff (Rare) Melee – Causes splash damage to enemies that are close together in a group.

Wizza (Rare) Ranged – Will stun an enemy for a short period of time.

Floating Isle

Cat-A-Tonic (Rare) Long Ranged – Attacks will heal other units.

Chester Batch (Rare) Melee – Will get a certain amount of gold when damaged by enemies.

Death Tax (Rare) Melee – Will increase the gold earning in the whole dungeon.

Fizz-Pop (Epic) Ranged – Will heal everyone every 10 seconds, plus has a special that will knock back enemies and lower attack damage.

Mimiking (Epic) Melee – When attacking will heal and raise attack speed, plus has a special that will increase the amount of gold earned in the room.

Mimi-SeeMe (Rare) Ranged – Has a chance to heal while tapping.

Supervisor (Common) Ranged – Will he self or any close by friendly units.


Bossfather (Epic) Melee – Will heal other staff members.

Dead Duke (Rare) Melee – Will stun all the enemies in a room.

K1NG C4LC (Rare) Melee – Will increase the amount of gold earned.

For more info check out the Dungeon Inc Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more.

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