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Dungeon Inc Relics play an important role in the game and will play a major part in reaching the higher level areas. You can get relics by spending insurance money on the from restarting the game. You will earn insurance money from Rooms upgrades, Audits and Raids with Audits giving the most money for completion. The fastest way to get insurance money is to complete as many Audits as possible then start over with insurance fraud to get the insurance money.

Dungeon Inc Relics Guide

All of the relics will unlock in the same order for every player. The price will increase for new relics while leveling them up will be the same cost for all. So the higher the number the more it will cost to unlock.

  1. Ever-Watching Eye (100) – Increases the amount of gold earned while in the app. The amount starts out small, but will start to increase by very large amount after a few level ups.
  2. Bonsai Bank (300) – Increases the amount of gold eared while the app is closed or you are away. The amount starts out small, but will start to increase by very large amount after a few level ups.
  3. Necronomicup (1,500) – Increases the speed at which rooms produce gold.
  4. Clipper (7,500) – Raises tap damage when audits are underway. This is a great for for earning more insurance money and will help get to the higher level audits.
  5. Carbo Slop (20,000) – Raises the health of staff so they last longer in battle. This one will cut down on staff dying and reduce the amount of time the will need to re-spawn.
  6. Bone Phone (75,000) – Increase the amount of damage staff do during audits.
  7. Staplorable (250,000) – Increases the amount of tap damage done during raids.
  8. H86 Hex 100 (750,000) – Ups the amount of damage staff do during raids.
  9. Raid Aid (1,500,000) – Increase the health of staff during raids.

Upgrade Costs

Upgrade costs are the same for all relics and will increase by a large amount with each purchase. The max level will by 12 and for a hefty price. The further you upgrade the more stat bonus you’ll get with the total jumping up by even larger amounts.

  1. They start at the first level so it will cost nothing.
  2. 250
  3. 500
  4. 1,600
  5. 6,400
  6. 15,000
  7. 55,000
  8. 200,000
  9. 750,000
  10. 1,500,000
  11. 5,000,000
  12. 10,000,000

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