Jan 132018

If your looking for a Dungeon Inc exploit there’s not a lot to work with as the developers have this app pretty locked down for making profit. One of the biggest tips and tricks is to upgrade your most expensive room to increase money gotten from chest and earned by staff. If you can’t upgrade the last room then do the room just before it. This will dramatically increase the gold earned and help proceed through the app the fastest.

Another important factor is the relic the Ever-Watching Eye. This will increase the amount of gold room can produce and is directly tied to how far you can make it in the app. You wont be able to get to the furthest rooms unless the relic is close to fully upgraded which will cost a lot of insurance money.

Insurance money is another thing that can be tricky to produce. After playing for awhile opening up and upgrading rooms will be the fastest way to earn it. Audits are good for chests and money too if you have the time. If you run out of audits then that is probably a good time to start over and collect on insurance. If your having a hard time upgrading rooms after awhile this is when you should start grinding for insurance to upgrade the Ever-Watching Eye relic to help move forward in the app. The other options is to just wait and collect earning from the rooms unlock until you eventually get enough. The relics really is the key to moving through the app fast though. Raids don’t produce much insurance and should be avoided unless you need just a little bit more.

Dead Letter is a staff member that will increase the amount of gold earned in a room. She should be placed  in your most expensive room for the biggest boost in profits when it comes to chests and staff bonuses.

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