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A Dr Joel Wallach Wiki with cures and prevention info plus more like Bio, 90 Essential Nutrients, Contact Info, CDs, and hopefully tons more. This Dr Joel Wallach Wiki is meant to fill up with all the information it can possibly get on the different cures, prevention, life extension and other beneficial knowledge for the body from the mouth of Wallach.

Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki


Age: Born June 4, 1940 in Missouri

Education: National University of Natural Medicine (1982), University of Missouri (1964), University of Missouri (1962)

Cures, Prevention and More

Date of Birth is June 4th, 1940 Missouri

Fertility – No Birth Defects, Baby Food, Cribbing, ADD, ADHD and more

Heart Attack, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Disease, Thiamine, Selenium

Is Dr Joel Wallach Still Alive?

Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure with Minocycline in Two Weeks!

Cures & Prevention Videos

The video below has many clips of Wallach speeches and organizes them according to a certain ailment, cure, prevention or other related information. Since it’s a collaboration of many videos and not just a normal interview/speech it would probably be best to watch it from the beginning to end for a good history lesson. You can click the links in the description on YouTube to skip to different videos part since the video is so long and packed full of info.


One of the big things about eggs is that some people are told there bad for you because of cholesterol so they wont eat them thinking they will get hurt. The truth is many body parts are made up of cholesterol and need it to run or the cells will die. Eggs have a great source of healthy cholesterol along with protein all of which the body needs. If you don’t eat cholesterol you’ll get Alzheimer’s from lack of nutrition or degenerated dying brain matter. The video below will go over what was mentioned above in more detail.

Contact Info

YoungevityCustomer Service Department 1-800-982-3189 business hours, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time


You can find an absolute ton of different Wallach CD’s here. There are many CD’s to choose from though each one will cost $3 to purchase.

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