Dec 262017

Below is a video that has Dr Joel Wallach Fertility information in depth with lots of added stuff about having children without birth defects, baby food, cribbing, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Downs, Gay and more. The video is pretty big and covers a lot of stuff. If you want just fertility info then skip to 00:27:37 which is just under a half hour in. If you have the time you really should watch the whole video to get a better understanding of how nutrition works.

Wallach has talked a lot about having babies without birth defects by taking the 90 Essential Nutrients along with a healthy diet that consists of eggs along with many other whole and natural foods. Eggs are important as they provide a healthy source of cholesterol that the body needs to grow as some body parts are made up of up to 60%. Protein is also an important ingredient of the egg. The best way to eat an egg is to poach is so the yolk is still runny. Wallach says that eggs are a major part of a growing child’s diet and should be eat often or even every day.

One birth defect that you might not have know about is being born gay. Wallach says that somewhere during the growth faze inside mom a baby will develop being gay if not given the right nutrition.

One of the most important things about what Wallach says is the fact that pediatricians are practically giving kids birth defects on purpose by not giving soon to be or pregnant mothers at least the 90 Essential Nutrients. It look like there all in it for the money as the hospital stands to make a lot of cash over the life span of a handicap child. Pediatricians should immediately be reeducated to prevent any more harm and by not doing so is commuting one of the most horrific crimes against humanity. It’s unbelievable that these educated so called professionals in hospitals are working every day giving children birth defects that destroy families and peoples lives. The fact that it still goes on has to be some kind of domestic terrorism or depopulation attempt.

If you can prevent all birth defects by using the 90 Essential Nutrients along with a healthy diet then donations could be used for prevention instead making sure everyone can have healthy children.

Baby food is an important subject brought up talking about all the major baby food brands like Similac, Enfamil, Gerber and many more only having about 20% of the needed nutrition inside there foods. That means there completely missing certain vitamins and minerals that your body needs especially a crowing child.

For more information on cures and prevention visit the Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki.

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