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Dr Joel Wallach’s date of birth is June 4th, 1940 and he was born in Missouri. I think many of us are curious how long Joel Wallach is going to live with him being at the four front of nutrition and coming out with the 90 Essential Nutrients along with many other products. His most recent product Imortalium will extend the life of telomeres and cell longevity. I’ve heard Wallach talk about babies eating right and taking the 90 Essential Nutrients living past 200 years old and that was before the release of Imortalium.

As smart and helpful Wallach is he was still born by a mother that didn’t get the full nutrition needed for his development during fertility. This will more than likely put a damper on his life expectancy unless he comes up with something else before his end. I would not be surprised if Wallach and the people around him come up with some product that will cause Imortality to occur so we can live a very very long life. At least something that we can live long with that comes in chocolate.

As long as Wallach has been around and as many people as he has helped including my I’m surprised that the US goverment still runs a business selling fake meds that all treat and don’t cure. I think there is a really big problem with what people are focusing on in the higher up positions and it’s mainly greed, population control and the fear of America becoming something far more than anywhere else on earth.

Right now many people are be harmed by going to quack doctors that are miseducated with made up knowledge that is only meant to make money long term. It’s so late in the game that many of them probably already know in the higher up positions and are keeping there mouths shut to keep there jobs more than likely. It’s unbelievable the torture people are going through on a day to day basic with the only people trained to help them not helping at all.

It’s a huge scam making money on college then trapping people in debt and easy money to keep there mouths shut and there hands doing dirty deeds. The doctors die at an early age only to be replaced by the next new recruit fresh out of college just like sports. Live expectancy is one of the most valuable things we have and Wallach’s 90 Essential Nutrients would replace most of the drugs they have on the market today. Whoever said that the FDA was a protected monopoly is really trying to say that police and government agencies meant to protect us are corrupted to the point there no help. If there is a hell these people are walking on a fine line. It’s true what they say, hospitals are one of the most dangerous places on earth. If I was a police officer I would probably get fired for arresting doctors the deal prescription drugs like a regular old drug dealer.

For more information on cures and prevention visit the Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki.

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