Apr 102018

The shooting that occurred in Florida just this February seems to have been uncovered as another false flag. Having the Sheriffs called off as first responders is a very unusual thing to do and shows that the Sheriff is set up like the military. A student was talking to the shooter at the time the guns were going of so he couldn’t possibly have done it or there where multiple shooters. More than one shooters was also another thing that people saw which is a huge nail in the coffin for the false flag exposing. The video below has various information related to the shooting including a guy who says his news organization is being sued for reporting that the same company that is conditioning the school activist took out a permit for doi9ng that exact same thing 2 months before the shooting showing prior knowledge of the event.

The student must have been selected priot to the shooting for being used for propaganda. I think the big agenda is the rich evil people are trying to take the guns to avoid natural hit back and to do things in the future where your gonna wish you had some guns. The people included are those who are attached to the government like ticks sucking the life out of it by stealing money and passing fake policy. The other people would be very rich people who have businesses that hurt a lot of innocent people and they would like to do worse or at least keep their doors open. Getting caught staging false flags to take guns by using guns to murder innocent destroys your whole narrative to take guns and exposing it as complete manipulation. In reality we desperately need guns or better protection for that matter to defend ourselves against the wicked things in this world.

Florida is a corrupt state and should be cleaned out when it comes to certain government employees who are participating in these false flag events willingly. The club shooting was also another staged event where supposed Miami police did all the shooting that killed the gay people in the club. Why isnt the FBI doing anything. It seems they are massively corrupted without an Heaven on Earth mind state, but more of a tail chasing de-evolutioners.

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