Feb 062018

A few Digger Machine Tips and Tricks that might help shed some light on things while your down there. For the most parts things are pretty straight forward as your going to have to mine as far down as you can.

If you have anything that you would like to add feel free to do so in the comments below.

Digger Machine Tips and Tricks

Fastest Route Down – Since the way down is very long and will take awhile your best plan of action is to make a straight line down. The only down side is that after awhile you will come across boulders that will block your way, but can be removed with explosives. When making a straight path down its a good idea to cut left and right passages every once in awhile so you can assess ore and items in those areas latter.

Gas – Make sure that you don’t run out of gas as you’ll have to start over from a save slot. Having enough fuel is very important as you wont be able to play  much without it. It’s a good idea to keep a few extra fuel tanks on hand so you don’t get stuck in a permanent game over position. You can even use teleporters which can really speed up the progression of the game.

By taking lots of fuel with you on exploration you can go just about anywhere. This can be kind of a cheats if you purchase to many extra fuel cans as things will get much easier to complete.

Locating Diamonds – The best way to find diamonds while mining is to use your map. Your map will let you see very far distances around you without having to mine a path all over the place. Diamonds will show up as blues crystals and pretty few and far between when it comes to finding them.

Setting Up Bases – Your main goal when it comes to game progress is to build 7 bases deep down in the planet which each cost Diamonds. You can get diamonds easily by choosing them as a quest rewards instead of cash or items. Having to find diamonds on your own can take a lot of time as they are spread pretty far apart. The bases will get further and further the more that you build. Your gonna need to have your fuel upgrades up to max eventually to reach the deepest areas.

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