Apr 072018

Conor McGregor was just released from jail after having to pay a $50,000 bail fee. How in the world is the price so high on bail? Car insurance fraud? It looks like the gov has stepped in again to take control of the situation with kidnapping and theft. I don’t think any of that money will go to the victims so how does the gov have any right to it. If they are making that much money so easily what could they possible be spending it on.

Conor would never have broken the window if it wasn’t meant to break on purpose for making money on repairs and insurance. The type of vehicle whether Ford or Chevy should be held accountable for using window where something can come flying through from the outside and cause harm with broken glass.

I thought it was kind of funny how McGregor throw the dolly through the window though it was kind of a stupid thing to do. You would expect to so this kind of behavior from these type of guy who fight in the UFC. I have never seen anyone go to jail for taking punches during a fight preview. Where are the assault charges their. I think the reason there are charges is because the police showed up and the person committing the crime wasn’t a government employee. Look at the military, they train anyone to be a killer and then when they are stationed somewhere for duty they can often rape and kill people, but you will never see these people held accountable because they are government employees.

Look at all the crimes committed by the FBI like 9/11, child trafficking, the opiate problem and tons more.. They seem to have a justification for everything and will tell you they have to break the law to catch criminals. This is just a lie to get you off their back so they can follow political agenda instead of building a Heaven on Earth. The FBI will even justify how they have to hide the cure and only use murderous treatments to control people, but in the end little FBI person you are killed by the FDA and your doctor who you are trying to justify is doing a good jobs, but who will murder you with intentional malpractice in the end. The FBI and FDA should be shut down as it seems they were created by wicked people to do horrific things and keep monsters in control.


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