Mar 252018

Many companies have seem to dump the NRA recently over the supposed Parkland shooting in Florida. Many people by now realize that Florida is a corrupt state that has been caught in many false flags which are ment to keep up this terror rising agenda along with gun crimes to take them away. Aside from these school shooting gun crime is pretty low considering how many there are. As far as the school shooting are concerned they have been caught staging false flag school shooting in the past so that means the whole idea is a lie to manipulate you. There was a eye witness that talked to the supposed Parkland shooter while the shooting was going off exposing it as a false flag. Nikolas Cruz the apparent shooter has been injected with very strong and harmful drugs that have left him speechless so he is unable to communicate with others. This is so they can control the narrative. We have never heard anything from the shooter not even his side of the story plus there were no school video tapes presented with proof.

Right now there is a huge campaign moving forward to take the guns from every American so that America can be taken over by rich elite and people who think they are taking place in high jacking the country like many government employees. This whole Florida shooting is part of a badly thought out plan to work together and take guns any way possible even if it means false flags where people get killed. It seems the real picture is a bunch of people who have stolen the government by hiring friends and family over time and they are having a hard time understanding that there aren’t the right man for the job.

There seems to be a lot of politician type people making a fuss that guns need to be taken away, but I highly doubt that they themselves will get ride of their guns or the security they have. Cops kill all kinds of people every year out of fear and when you combine the fact that they hire dumbed down people for cops they really shouldn’t have guns. There should be some kind of more passive catch only technology so nobody gets killed. This probably wont happen as then the military wouldn’t be able to use assassins in the local police, FBI, CIA and others. If there was a really good way to protect your self where nobody got hurt the people in charge of the gun taking false flags and agenda would want you to have them because taking guns away is really about destabilizing America for a takeover.

The FDA as you read is mass murdering massive amounts of innocent people by using treatments that cause all kinds of problems instead of proven natural cures. Right now the FDA is hurting killing and murdering 15 million people a year and thats not including the ripple effect like destroyed families. This is far more horrific the Hitler and what he did. The same people that run the FDA are trying to take guns and that shows your hands as the enemy. Most doctors commit enough insurance fraud to get life sentences in jail, but you never hear about them getting in any trouble.

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