Feb 042018

Various Click Miner info including tips and tricks, cheats, walkthroughs and guides. For the most part Click Miner is pretty straight forward though you can upgrade things for a slower progression. If you have anything that you would like to add feel free to do so in the comments below.

Click Miner Tips and Tricks

Buying Resources – Often you might be stuck in the situation where you don’t have enough resources for and upgrade or crafting recipe. You can just click on the item and you will be taken to the store where you have to choose the buy tap before choosing to purchase something.

Extra Experience – When you cast spells that have a chance of creating recipes they will generate large amounts of experience when successful.

Faster Gold – To get the fastest rate of passive gold earnings your going to want to purchase many Traders along with upgrading Pavement which will increase passive earning by a certain percent. You can also leave your device on while it’s plugged in to generate lots of gold while your away.

No Ads – If you want to play without having to see ads all you have to do is turn off the data on your device. This can also help as the ads tend to block buttons in the game.

Recruitment – Choosing the right recruits can make all the difference in playing. You going to want to have at least one of everyone, especially the ones that have spells. Having at least one of everything will help gain recipes along with other option that you would miss out on otherwise. The Trader will increase the passive amount of gold gained per second. Having many traders will help the game go by faster by allowing of purchase for the many resources along with upgrade costs. Characters that have better stats than others should be used to replace lesser units for a bigger gain. By increasing your level new recruitments will becomes available for sale.

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