Dec 172017

A Clash of Galaxies Wiki with Tips, Guides, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Clash of Galaxies is an Arcade game developed by Air Force Studio and is available free for download on Android.

Since this app is pretty new check back in the near future for updated content depending on popularity.

Clash of Galaxies Wiki


The are no guide for this app as of yet.


Disabling Ads – You can turn the ads off by turning off you WiFi or data.

Doubling Gold – At the end of a stage you can choose to watch a video that will double the amount of gold that you earned in the stage. The video will not effect the amount of gems found.

Moving Options – In the setting you can select whether to move you ship directly under your finger or off to the left a little bit. Having the ship move off to the left can help see incoming projectiles and makes dodging them a bit easier.

Ship Upgrades – On the ship select screen you can tap them to see the upgrade options which include Power, Armor and HP. The 2 ships that are currently available for upgrade are Mars and Jupiter. Gems are used for purchasing which can be found in stages after defeating enemies or by purchasing them with real money.


Gameplay is pretty self explanatory in that you need to complete stages to move ahead earning gold and gems in the process. Every 5 stages there will be a boss battle where you can earn more gems than in normal stages. Don’t forget to upgrade your ship on the ship select screen for more Power, Armor and HP.


There are no cheat listed yet for Clash of Galaxies.

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