Mar 172018

Apparently, Chicago’s Plumbers Union has been dying the river for St. Patrick’s Day since 1962. I might be one of the only ones thinking this, but I don’t think dying the river completely green is a good idea when it comes to the health of wild life and the river. Since they have been doing this for along time there is a good chance that the chemicals they are using or have used in the past are not the best for the environment.

If this is a bad thing than it is no surprise since Chicago seems to be one of the most corrupt cities in America. Kim Kardashian just named one of her kids Chicago which could indicate that she’s some kind of devil worshiper and she is honoring some kind of underground cult that has roots or is located in Chicago.

Police have a reputation in Chicago of taking random people off the streets and taking them away to secret police property where they are interrogated for no reason. They seem to be doing this as some kind of training for they next 1776 or 911.

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