Jan 252018

I have known about this for awhile but just saw the video below and wanted to share it with others. The radiation coming off cell phone towers and wifi routers causes cancer and is even more dangerous for children. It’s unbelievable that since this has been made aware for many years that nobody in the government responsible for catching killers has taken action. It looks to be another high treason anti-christ move by rich people to reduce population and make money at the same time.

This kind of behavior shows the hands of government like the FBI as not effective and having another agenda. It looks like people are to worried about loosing their pay check so if one FBI agent makes a fuse the rest of them will pill on them to stop them from causing an problems with the rich people.

With the amount of damage these towers do to the public the cell phone companies like Verizon, Sprint and others don’t have enough money to pay people for the damages. Putting one of these towers next to human development is obviously against the law, but for some reason police, judges and lawyers they either don’t care or are in on the murdering deeds. They are definitely not doing their job.

The people that work on these towers probably all die of cancer and have way more than enough evidence to sue that pants of these domestic terrorism companies. The fact that nothing has happened shows how corrupt and worthless the US government has become or always has been.

They are suppose to be coming out with 5G soon which is suppose to cause cancer at an even higher rate than 4G and their other frequencies. Things like this are way most politicians should be thrown in jail and made a public example of. Dear FBI, you are useless and should be thrown in jail as well for 9/11, the recent attempt to over throw Trump and the mountain of other illegal activity including high treason and devil worshiping. The FBI is suppose to handle stuff like this, but since their not doing anything you could say they need to be replaced or at least many of their employees. In one ear and out the other or not even. Someone should tap the FBI and set them up to expose their illegal activity. It would be so easy if the military actually wanted to clean up the world and not destroy everything. There seems to be a lot of FBI quiting since Trump got in and I would say they are criminal that don’t want to get caught for treason and other illegal activity. They should be under investigation and prosecuted.

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