Feb 262018

Rocky Traversie of Sioux Falls was just denied in his lawsuit against police for excessive force. The federal Judge who had the case seems to be protecting police regardless of their crimes. After reviewing the case and dash cams the Judges said the reasonable force was used to apprehend Rocky. This seems to be far from the truth as the officers crosses way over the line when it came to arresting him.

After officers tried to beat Rocky to death with a night stick they kept the hit back going like a bunch of angry animals. After driving Rocky back to the police station and booking him like usual they decided they would take him somewhere off camera and wave their guns in his face making death threats. The police who pointed guns at Rocky after the facts where fired, but apparently this doesn’t count when it comes to judging.

The US government is corrupted by people who CAN’T do there job due to mental issues and just not being qualified because of human limitations.

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Jan 282018

On February 5th, 2014 Rocky Traversie got himself into a whole lot of trouble. After having the police take his kid away for reason I’m unaware of Rocky decided to get high. This is when things got out of control. He apparently went to his mom house and held them hostage by not letting them leave. Eventually someone left the how and called the police at a neighbors house and this is when things really got out of control.

Rocky had told the officers multiple time that he was not going to give himself up and that if the police tried to arrest him that he would start swinging and that’s exactly what he did. The police apparently lost patience and decided to rush him in an attempt to place him under arrest. Rocky followed through with his word and took a few swings at the police putting 3 in the hospital apparently with one of them having a broken eye socket. If the police had listened better and had more patience they could have ended the situation peacefully, but they decided that they would ignore all warnings so you can kind of say they got what they deserved or asked for.

After Rocky punched several officers they all pilled on him and beat him relentlessly with their fists and clubs cracking his skull wide open which required staples to fix. While Rocky was pleading for his life after being attack by the police they continued to pill on him taking out their aggression in a clicky fashion where they all seemed to get too emotionally involved. The police beat was so horrible that the states attorney along with the Sioux Falls police department hide all of the camera footage which would imply that they broke the law as well and were covering their tracks.

After they took Rocky into custody, instead of driving him to a hospital for care they took him to the out side of the police station where 2 or more police pulled their guns on Rocky threatening his life. Rocky said he has never been so scared and though he was going to die. They take a blood sample from him and contaminated it so the blood was green so they could show that he was on meth or other drugs. The contamination of the blood sample is breaking the law and the doctors and police involved would be classified as criminals for doing so. It doesn’t end there though. When punching the officers Rocky broke his hand so bad that you could see broken bones making lumps in his hand. The y refused him medical care and left him with a broken hand for over a year in jail which shows these police acted not only unprofessionally, but show that they to decided to break the law.

Apparently, the 2 police officers that threaten to kill Rocky at gun point after the fact were fired for doing so which is better than nothing, but still a slap on the hand where more punishment should have been handed out. After this incident the Sioux Falls police decided it would be a good idea to give officers stun guns so they could protect themselves without having to use lethal force.

This situation exposes how the Sioux Falls police are having a hard time doing their job and that high ranking officers along with the states attorneys and without a doubt breaking the law. The doctor who took the blood sample and contaminated it was some how connected to the police on an emotional level and though that it was a good idea.

When on organization is left to govern itself like police and the FDA the become corrupt because nobody will hold anyone else accountable for fear of loosing their job or worse not to mention title blindness thinking your are something because of it when your still just who you are. You would think that the police would be held to an even hire standard, but it looks like the quality of law enforcement in Sioux Falls is on the low side. Then when you consider that the military has assassins that work in or can transfer to larger police stations at a moments notice things seem to be hopelessly corrupted. When police have the ability to hide information completely they come of as committing crimes and should be held accountable for the public’s safety, Michael Hastings death would be a prime example as he was assassinated with a car bomb and police along with the FBI covered up evidence and disposed of his body without permission. Or how about an even bigger example lick 9/11 which was obviously done with heave US military and FBI support showing again that these agencies can’t govern themselves.

I know Rocky personally and though he may have done some undesirable things in his life he was a good person that had the respect of many. If the police were of a hire caliber these events could have been avoid completely.

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