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Beastie Bay Gameplay is pretty straight forward and easy to learn for probably most players. Playing further in the game will unlock more features. After you complete an island you will unlock it’s ability to improve your game through various tourism options. These should be taking care of sooner rather than later so you can gain from the benefits.

It’s a good idea to keep getting new allies as you go along so you can keep up with the difficulty curve. Later in the game you will unlock the ability to purchase a scroll that will let you capture bosses so they can be used as allies. This should be purchased a s soon as possible to maximize the amount of bosses collected and so you don’t miss out on the good ones.

If your interested in related information that can help you out during gameplay check out the Beastie Bay Wiki.

Gameplay Video

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Feb 142018

A short Beastie Bay Boss Taming Guide to help shed some light on things. At first most of the bosses found in battles wont be able to be tamed until you purchase a certain item. You can however collect a few enemies that are bosses in the early game with the item.

After completing the desert island you will find a person who’s house will turn into a store called Wairo Inc. Inside this store you will find several settings and game features that can be unlocked for the price of gold. One of those features is the ability to capture bosses. You should purchase this as soon as possible if your hoping to catch some good allies. Bosses will usually be the best kind of allies that you can find, though some normal enemies are good though only a few.

To tame a boss you will usually need to feed them multiple times unless your bait is of high quality are is the correct element type. Sometime they will like the food the dislike it when given again. This is when you can just keep trying with the same food or try something that has a matching element.

Catching a boss is almost a must and you should try to catch as many as possible especially the ones towards and at the end of the game. When you start a new game you can take one allie with you from your previous game if you purchased the option at the Wairo Inc store. If you plan on playing again to get a higher score or just to keep playing you should try and get the best allie possible in your first playthough and that would definitely be one of the bosses. Since each boos will have a different element many of them are useful for different situation and making them useful in the right situations even if their stats aren’t as high as others.

If you want more related info on this app your can check out the Wiki here.

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Feb 132018

A Beastie Bay Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Beastie Bay is a Role Playing Arcade game developed by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd and is available free fore download with paid option for Android and iOS.

Check back in the near future for updated and new content. Feel free to leave any helpful info you might have in the comments to share with others.

Beastie Bay Wiki


Best Team Guide and Walkthrough

Boss Taming Guide

Fast Mode Guide

Island Layout Guide Help

Medal Farming Guide

Tips and Tricks

Walkthrough and Guide


How To Get Medals – There are 3 different ways to get medals. The first way is to complete stages and you can find them in chests, from removing obstacles and as a bonus for completing the level more. The second way is to earl them passively by playing the game when it’s not in a menu. You will then have to reload the app to collects you medals which stack up to max of 10 doing it this way, dont forget to save before exiting the app. You can leave your device on with the app open while you away to have the game play on it’s own by letting time go by, then just check on it after a while to collect your medals and repeat. The thrid way is to pay for them using real money. This option will be unlocked after building a house for someone who joins you after the desert is completed.



No Ads for FREE – Eventually while playing you will come across the option to remove ads for the price of real money. There is a better way and it’s free. All you have to do is turn the data off on your device before opening the app. This will make sure no ads pop up while doing various things.

Feb 122018

Beastie Bay Fast Mode can be found in the System menu the tapping Options, but it wont be unlocked until you do a little something first. After completing the Desert Island you will find a person who’s house can be upgraded into a store if you meet the right requirements. The store is called Wairo Inc and contains a few different game feature upgrades including fast mode, transferring data to a new game, auto battle along with other things. To get the setting unlocked you’ll have to purchase a certain scroll at the store using gold.

Choosing the fast mode option will speed the game up by about x2. This includes travel;ing to different areas and how fast you move through a stage. This will not speed up times in battle or get you bonus medals faster. This options should probably be turned on as soon as possible as it will increase the rate of gathering resources like food and wood plus you will get more gold from tourists.

If you trying for a high score it might not be such a good idea using it as you will probably waste more time sitting idol and doing things between fights.

If you would like to check out some more information on Beasti Bay here are some Tips and Tricks and Island Layout Guide Help.

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Feb 112018

This is a short Beastie Bay Medal Farming Guide to help get more of them for upgrading things. There are 3 ways to get medals. The first way is to complete stages and sometimes you will be rewarded them after wards, but in a very small amount. The second way is to earn 1 for every 7 minutes you play the game not counting being in pausing menus. You will then have to restart the app to collect the bonus medals which will accumulate up to a max total of 10 medals.

The third ways is to purchase them using real money at the Wairo Inc store that is unlocked after completing the desert and upgrading the house of the saved person, I think it’s after completing the desert but might not be.

Other than those options there isnt any other way to get them besides being a hacker. What you can do though is leave you app on while you not playing so you can get one every seven minutes. You can set a timer then collect and start the process over.

After getting so far in the game you can get the option to restart a new game keeping the same gear and survival upgrades. Any medals invested in those things will still be available in the new game. The down side is that you wont be able to keep your medals so you should spend them on upgrades before starting a new game.

I tried turning the clock on my device ahead to speed up the bonus medals, but it doesn’t seem to work since the app is technically closed when your in the settings changing the time. Also playing the game in the faster mode doesn’t seem to speed up the process of getting bonus medals.

If your interested there is some more information here with Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks and Island Layout Guide Help.

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Feb 102018

Having the best Beastie Bay Island Layout can be a trick thing to do and for the most part there probably isn’t an exact best layout. When it comes to putting things in a certain place the thing that matters most are peoples houses. They can be given upgrade option depending on the buff given to them from surrounding areas.

Apparently each building is given an upgrade option depending on Civ or Nature and Energy. According to another post building will depend on Civ or Nature rating and not require a little of both. There are a lot of Remodeling options available which can be viewed in the Info menu. If something is in questions marks in the Remodeling menu you can spend 5 medals to find out how to make it.

Allies houses or nest should be placed next to places that generate food and wood so that they can collect it. Since the rate of collecting is pretty slow you should probably over lap harvest areas so multiple allies or working the tiles. After collecting 15 allies you will unlock a school that will increase allies levels without having to go into battle. This is when you should move the characters that you need leveled up the most so they can get experience passively. I also had the star count increase from schools though it didn’t ad an equipment sot until the character was used in a new game. You can leave you device on and probably plugged in to let allies generate experience while your not playing which will also increase you gold if you have tourists coming to your island.

Stores and building that generate income from tourism should be surrounded with other building that will increase there income. If you plant trees or other things (not sure) around stores the will drop item that will be put up for sale in the store and will increase income.

Storage units that increase the amount of food and wood that you can hold should be placed on beaches and far away areas that you aren’t going to use. There are a lot of them and keeping them together can make it look more organized, but your going to need a lot of space for them.

Later in the game you will unlock a feature that will let you move buildings without having to demolish them and rebuild. If your interested in more information here are some Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks.

Jan 212018

When playing Puzzles and Empires farming stuff is a major part of the game and doing it well will save time and resources. Food and Iron can be gotten from producing building with a steady income. The amount from building wont be enough though as your going to need a lot more.

Moving forward in the story and replaying mission is a great way to earn resources. You should be careful though as the cost to play a stage will go up the further you get. This makes it not so cost effective once the price is 4 energy and not 3 at first. Pushing forward will get you to a point eventually that will be worth the extra points, but until then you might want to farm on the stages that cost less and get you more resources. Stages with 3 and 4 waves will produce the same amount of goods and resources so playing the ones with 3 waves will save time and speed up gathering resources.

Quest will become available at a certain level and are a great way to earn resources like food and iron at an increases rate. Make sure to check often and beat the levels that aren’t too hard. They may cost more to enter, but the amount of goods earned will make up for it.

Raids are one of the fastest ways to get food and iron. Some opponents will have tons of loot with little effort in getting it. There are 2 ways to go about raids. The first is to constantly re roll with food to get an opponent that can be beat. This will more than likely reduce the amount of food gathered into the negatives making it cost food rather than winning it. The second way is to ignore your score and flee from other players that you know that you can’t beat. After fleeing you should get someone that can be beat or close to it. This can put food on the positive side when it comes to winnings.

Titans are another ways to get stuff and should be fought at least one turn to be included in the winning when it’s defeated. The stronger the Titan the better rewards and longer it will stick around giving you a chance to participate.

For more info check out some Empires and Puzzles Tips and Tricks.

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Jan 202018

This is a short Empires and Puzzles Titan Guide with Tips to help out during gameplay. If your new to this app your gonna have to join an Alliance before you’ll be able to fight Titans. Your going to want to find an Alliance that has lots of people so you can take down the big 5 start titans. The trick to defeating them is having strong players that can deal lots of damage.

On of the biggest things to remember when fighting Titans is that when you hit there weak spot more than 3 times in one move you’ll stun them so they don’t attack for that turn. The will how ever be unstunned right away the next turn, though you can hit them again with 3 or more puzzle pieces for an unlimited amount of stunning. The key to dealing lots of damage on the big ones is to stun constantly so your party stays alive and can execute there skills. Plus your gonna want to hit the weak spot as much as possible for extra damage.

If your not in the mood to play or you want to maximize the amount of matches made during a round you can use the auto fight function. This will randomly select matches and use skills right when they become available. Auto fight can have it’s draw backs like avoiding 4 and 5 matches which can hold you back. If your quick enough you can turn off auto and select bigger matches before they are messed up.

If you want to deal more damage to the Titans than you going to have to level up your heroes. This will be the biggest factor in dealing lots of damage besides having a strong party.

For more info check out some Empires and Puzzles Tips and Tricks.

Jan 192018

Below is a short The Quest Survival Guide & Strategy For Staying Alive that can help out a lot during gameplay. Things can get really difficult if you have a bad build or you venture into areas when your under leveled.

Chck back in the near future for updated and new content and feel free to leave any helpful info in the comments.

The Quest Survival Guide

Magic Casters – The weakness for most magic users is to get up close to them so they use melee attacks instead of magic. This should cut down a lot of damage making them easier to deal with. The strongest magic defense are potions that can be made early in your Alchemy career and will most likely raise magic defense to it’s max of 80%.

Mark and Recall – These are spells that are use together for teleporting to your choice of destinations. First you’ll have to cast Mark to anchor a teleport spot, the cast Recall when you want to go back to your mark.

Poison – Poison can be great for taking down big enemies early in the game. After poisoning them you’ll want to run around until there life reaches it’s lowest point, then deliver the finishing blow. You can save before killing them to try for different loot. Poison can be inflicted with 3 or more different spells along with arrows and some weapons.

Wands – These are you best friend and will let you can lots of magic with having the mana or actual spell. When you have the spell Recharge Wand it can help out lots by filling wands back up that would cost lots to do it at an enchanter. The Recharge Wand wand seems to be held back as it can only be charged back up by the spell once, then you’ll need to pay for it’s recharge. If you can find a Mana Drain wand then you can get free mana from enemies for recharging and other purposes.

Visit The Quest Tips and Tricks for more info.

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Jan 182018

For many  people The Quest might be a hard game and this will be true if you have a weak build. It might be a lot better to choose your own primary skills in the beginning rather that choosing a preset class. This can help focus more on things that are important grouped together like Light Weapons and Attack Magic which both do not have a trainer in the world. This may only be possible though after some gameplay and a better understanding of how things work in The Quest.

Battle Tips

Poison – This can be one of the strongest spells in the game if you use it right. There are a few different way to cast it like a couple different spells, wands and arrows. The trick is to poison an enemy than run around until there life reaches close to zero (they cant die from poison) then deliver the finishing blow. You can just stick to a 4×4 square as that will be enough room for most battles. This can be time consuming, but it’s a great way to take down overpowering enemies very early in the game.

Save Reload Loot – Most stronger enemies and Bosses will drop all kinds of random loot. The best thing to do is save before the finishing blow and then reload if you don’t like the dropped items. Many bigger enemies will drop the best items for sale at stores along with the big 10,000 drop.

Save Reload Store Goods – When you visit a store for the first time in a day the good will be randomly generated when you first enter the store. Saving before you go in then reloading when you want somethings else is a great way to get what you need fast.

Wands – These are your best friend and will let no magic classes cast spells just as good. These can turn the tide of battle if you have a good collection of useful ones. Paralyze and Restore Health are very important while the Recharge Wand skill is a must.

Visit The Quest Tips and Tricks for more info.

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