Jan 122018

Many people playing Hustle Castle may have notices a sign on the roof that says “Dragons Only” and has a heli pad for something that fly’s to land on. You might have to zoom in a little to see it. So far I have yet to find any dragons besides bosses. Through playing and viewing other peoples castles I haven’t seen anything that would land on the roof. This could be something that is implemented in the near future with an update. There is also a picture of a dragon in the background of the initial loading screen that could be a clue to coming into contact with one, but might be referring to a boss.

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Jan 112018

A Hustle Castle Discord post where you can leave the name of your chat party or server in the comments so people can join it. Even though there is an in game chat system with unlimited speech discord could still hep with communication. If your looking for a clan your can join mine called Fallout Shelter. It’s almost filled up and has mostly active players that can be used for extra resources.

As popular as Discord is I don’t think there are that many players using it in Hustle Castle though the Reddit seems to have a few people asking about it. It can make communication a lot easier. In my clan there is always a ton of talking that will fill up the side menu with messages.

If you have a server that you would like people to join please feel free to leave the name of it in the comments below. If you have a clan that needs more people you can leave that in the comments as well.

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Jan 062018

Hustle Castle California is another one of those stages that is meant for you to hopefully spend money on the game to get past it. You only real option is going to be upgrading rooms to higher levels and replacing old gear with better stuff. This is a short walkthrough and guide to help you out by going over the various things that can be done to pass the stage.

Unless you able to rearrange party members and classes for a better outcome it’s gonna take time to get past this barrier.

California Tips

Classes – The mage seems to be the best class according to the poll below though a mage wont last long unless it has a few good tanks up front. The archer seems to be lacking and only really has a distance advantage when it comes to attacking. You can put melee weapons on the archer for a huge increase to attack power though defense will be lacking as you’ll be put on the front lines.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Crafting – Crafting gear is one of the best way to get good stuff. It’s good to start by replacing items that are the weakest and then work your way up to the items that wont benefit so much with crafting.

Resurrection – The resurrection spell the comes on mages weapons can be a big help when it comes to beating stages and other players in PvP. Having more than one mage with the revive spell can make an even bigger difference when it comes to keeping the party alive. The more tanks that you have up from protecting the reviver the better off you’ll be.

Spells – The best spell by popular vote is Lion’s Spirit which will raise the entire parties attack power by a large amount for a decent amount of time.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Jan 052018

Hustle Castle Defense is really important if you want to hold onto your resources which will help you build and upgrade faster. The game seems to be setup up so no matter your defense some other player will eventually come through and defeat you. Players that spend money will have the advantage over those who do not.

Arsenal – Upgrading your arsenal so you have extra attack power can make a big difference, especially when you get it increased by a good amount. Just upgrading the room wont make the difference as you’ll also have to upgrade each unit too which can be expensive and time consuming.

Decoy & Bluffing – Sometimes when you increase squad power it will actually make your party weaker, though this can come in handy when trying to help prevent other players from trying to steal your resources. If you put melee weapons on an archer you will get the biggest increase possible for a class. This will put an archer on the front lines where they will more than lily be cut down fast with causing too much damage. The side effect of this tactic is that if a player decides to look at your gear or is close to your strength they will more than likely win against you. On the other hand if your squad power is raised enough they can just look at that and keep moving without attacking.

Premium Account – If you purchase premium benefits then when people steal your resources they will take less than normal.

Protecting Resources – One way to keep resources is to leave them in there respective production rooms. This can be tricky though as you might end up wasting resources by having a full room.

Squad Power – The only real way to keep players from taking your stuff is to have a high squad power. This can only be done by equipping strong gear found in chest and made through crafting. Crafting items is one of the best way to get good gear and replace the weaker stuff.

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Jan 022018

Hustle Castle Hot Ashes stage can be a real pain if your under leveled and have not upgraded your rooms very far. One of the key things to remember is that the boss will target Archers first and then work his way up to the front taking out any mages you might have. The second thing will be the bosses physical resistance making mages the best for damage. If you remove the archers from your party the boss will target the front row like normal putting your tanks to good use.

This can be a harder level than it’s suppose to be if you don’t under stand how the boss attacks. For the most part you will eventually get past Hot Ashes if you keep improving your gear and upgrading rooms.

Hot Ashes Tips

Archers – Archers will be targeted first if you have any then mages and warriors last. If you don’t use any archers the front row will be targeted first like normal.

Crafting – The best way to get gear is to craft it yourself. You might want to replace mage weapons since they will be doing all the damage.

Enemy Info – You can view different information about enemies by tapping there picture before entering battle. For this boss he will target Archers first then work his way up to the front row taking out the weaker classes first. The boss info will also mention that he is immune to physical damage so mages will do the most damage.

Immune To Physical Damage – The boss wont take much damage when using physical attacks from the Archer and Warrior classes. Mages weapons and spells are the best way to cause damage.

Revive Spell – What worked best for me was using two mages with the resurrect spell on there weapons and then two warriors up front to act as tanks. The mages revived just enough times to get the job done though it was a close call. This set up seemed to work much better than anything else I had tried.

Spells – Magic Orb will cause normal damage and will help take down the boss since his is vulnerable to magic damage only. By the time you get to Hot Ashes you should be able to bring 2 spells into battle though 3 will help out a lot more.

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Jan 012018

If your looking for a Hustle Castle Forum there doesn’t seem to be an official one. You can check out this Hustle Castle Wiki though which has a lot of information on various things. If you have any questions or added info you can leave them in the comments.

Hustle Castle FAQ

Best Way To Get Equipment – The best way to get good gear for free players is to make it yourself through crafting. This way you’ll be able to get what you want instead of relying on random chests. You should start out replacing items that are weak or underleveled. You can get shards for crafting by breaking down items that you don’t need anymore.

Classes – You might not have realized it but there are technically 4 classes. They are the Warrior, Archer, Mage and Archer with melee weapon. When you equip the Archer with a melee weapon it will dramatically increase the DPS and max power though defense will be on the low side. According to the poll below and from experience the mage with it’s revive spell that comes on weapons is a must have as it let’s me beat players that have a higher squad power. Having more then one reviver can be a big help too. The warrior is a must have as a tank and will keep the back row save most of the time. The archer seems to be lacking slight when it comes to damage output since the mage can hit multiple targets. The archers only real benefit is that it can attack from a long ways away.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Easier Stages – If you having a hard time completing a stage you can wait awhile and them enemies and difficulty can change. This can also be done for invasion when they are to difficult and cant be beat. Just wait a short ime and the enemies and and power level should lower.

Forum – This page is not a forum though it does have a small faq. You can find lots of info if you visit the Hustle Castle Wiki.

How To Delete Dwellers – When you start to replace dwellers that have low potential your gonna have to delete some to make room. This can be done in the inventory screen by tapping the button to the right of the character. This is also where you can rename then with something else.

How To Merge Rooms – When you put a room next to another that is the same type and level they will merge into one bigger room. This is useful for collecting resources as you’ll have to tap less. When merging the hospital you will only increase space. You might want to unmerge rooms to have a cheaper upgrade cost.

Pets – Pets are for decorating purposes only and will not increase any stats or help when the castle is attacked. They could of at least included them in the defense of a potential resource thief.

Reset – If for some reason you wanted to start over the developers didn’t make it very easy. You’ll have to attach your game to another account then start a fresh install under the old account which should be empty and new again. This will have to be done if a new install didn’t start things over for you.

Dec 302017

Being in a Hustle Castle Clan can have benefits thought they might not be that big. About the only thing you can do to help your group is to give them resources when they ask for them. To do that though you’ll need multiple members to donate before you can get your resources. When increasing the level of your hall you’ll be able to request more resources.

Since this game is still kind of new and they seem to still be adding new stuff the developers might add more option in the future since it seems to be limited.

Join the “Fallout Shelter” Clan

I have started a clan and called it Fallout Shelter which is named after the game Hustle Castle is a lot like. I know the name isn’t the best, but I had to think of something. There are no limitations for joining and everyone is welcome. It seems to be a hard task to find a clan that has enough people to share resources since you’ll need several people to do so. I figure this post will help gather new members who would like to join one that is active with many players.

Leave Your Clan In The Comments Below

If you would like to leave the name of your clan in the comments so people can join feel free to do so. It costs 50,000 gold to start a new one which isn’t that much after playing for awhile.

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Dec 292017

Lava Storm is another Hustle Castle stage that will require the player to build up a bit before moving on. This small walkthrough and guide will go over the basics and what can be done to improve for Lava Storm completion.

The easiest thing to do that can take awhile is to just upgrade rooms you have and make better gear to replace the weaker stuff. If you move forward in the game you’ll eventually pass the hurdles.

Lava Storm Tips

Best Class – At first using the archers can be a big help, but in the later part of the game the archers tends to be less useful than a mage and a warrior. The below poll would seem to confirm this the archer has gotten more votes lately. Make sure you try a different party because you might get a stronger outcome.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Crafting – Don’t forget to use your crafting station as they can be great for replacing old weaker gear. You can get shards for crafting by breaking down items in your inventory. The better the item broken down the higher quality the shard. You can also buy shards in the Portal shop.

Resurrection – The resurrect spell can be a big help when your dying a lot. Out of all the different party builds having a person to raise dead people is up at the higher end of the list. The resurrection spell comes on the weapons of mages sometime and will bring back a dead party member with a large amount of health, then after about 10 second the spell is ready again.

Spells – The spell Lion’s Spirit seem to be the most popular and best to use according to the poll below. Probably because it raises attack for the whole party by a large amount for a decent amount of time. The other good thing about Lion’s Spirit is it will increase the attack of spells too. Magic Orb is a close second for a good early damage spell.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Squad Power – Pay attention to your power level when you equip certain item. Some are better than other and you might not know it unless your watching your power level. Equipping the right armor for archers and mages will make a big difference when it comes to attack power. For some wierd reason you can put duel daggers with archer cloths for a very large power increase.

Stages Change Over Time – If you wait a certain amount of time stages can change the enemies and squad power. If at first it might seem hard try again later to find that it has maybe changes. This happened to me once on a Scorching Grounds stage. The enemies would always attack from behinds killing of me weaker back row, but after some time there where no enemies attacking from the back any more.

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Dec 242017

Below are pictures of Hustle Castle Legendary Weapons, Armor, Rings and Amulets. They are at the max level so you can see what they would look like encase you never find the time to get there.

Getting legendary gear can be pretty tough, especially in the beginning of the game. One of the best ways to get them is to rank high in the ticket Arena tournament and then get the bonus chest where you are guaranteed one.

Remember that you will end up replacing it after a while though it should last longer than lower quality items. You might want to save your shards if your have a hard time getting them. You can buy shard in the portal if you can get far enough for good farming rates.

The key to doing good in the Arena and Portal is to have a high squad power rating. Even if you have a high number you might not have the best set up which would get you further. The revive skill on mage weapons can go along ways.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and much more.

Pictures of Legendary Weapons Armor Rings Amulets

Dec 222017

Below is a list of Hustle Castle Tips that work for both Android and the iOS version. FOr the most part your gonna be waiting a lot for things to get done and rooms to be built and upgraded. The sooner you can get the hang of things the better off you’ll be. Up to about level 17 players are pretty weak and can be defeated easily for PvP points. Since the game will match you according to your level the higher you go the harder things get.

Hustle Castle Tips

Arena – You can get a prize in the Arena just for participating without haev to battle other players. This can be useful for when you don’t have time to play the arena and are fine with the minimum rewards. The key to winning the Arena or getting high on the ranking is to defeat your opponent fast. As you fight you’ll see the score go down over time. By playing the weakest opponents first you’ll get a higher score which will move you up the rankings.

Best Class – The best class seems to be the mages with it’s ability to revive dead party members with the right weapon. Of course the next best would be the warrior since tanks will be needed to protect the back row which can be squishy and easy to defeat.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Best Spells – Fortunately, one of the best spells is gotten early so it can be enjoyed for along time. Lion’s Spirit will increase the whole parties attack damage by a large amount for a decent length of time. It will even raise the damage of other spells making it a must for causing damage to the enemy.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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CraftingCrafting is one of the best ways to get good gear so be sure to save your shards for items that you really need. It’s best to try and replace equipment that low in level or doesn’t have a high rarity.

How To Delete Dwellers – While in the inventory you can tap the button to the right of their health bar to change names or to banish them from the castle permanently. When breeding it’s best to get rid of the low ranked dwellers to make room for the ones with higher potential.

Five Star Potential – There are 2 ways to get five star rated dwellers the first is to upgrade them using diamons which can be really expensive. The second and recommended way is to produce them in the Living Room by combining males and females. Makes sure to always use your best rated dwellers for the best results.

Move Rooms – Rooms can be moved at any time for nothing. You can long press the screen or go through the Throne Room for the castle editor. This can be useful for merging rooms together that are the same level and type. Remember to hit the save button when done or the changes won’t be applied.

Protecting Resources – One way of keeping your resources from getting taken all the time is to keep them in there respective room that produces them. Just be sure to get them before the room is full or you’ll be wasting time and valuable resources.

Squad Power – You can increase your power rating by a lot when you put the dual daggers with archer clothing, though defense will be horrible attack will go way up for some reason just look at DPS.

Another ways is to save up your chest for when you need them. As your level gets higher the rewards will be better so you might want to wait until the next level for a grand opening of chests.

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