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The Hustle Castle Arsenal is a must for castle defenses and should be upgraded as soon as possible to help protect your resources from other players. Each level increase will unlock a new type of attack unit that can cause statues effects along with dealing damage to the whole enemy party. Every unit will have 3 different variations that you can choose from that will cause damage, deal statues effects and more. You get to choose which one is right for you though some are better than others.

The Arsenal is one of the few rooms already built when you start the game, but can’t be used until you purchase the required upgrade cost. Once you have purchased something it will show up on or around the castle gate that can be viewed be scrolling to the top left side of the screen. Here’s some tips and tricks that can help shed light on things if your kinda new.

Hustle Castle Arsenal

Ballista Lv 1

The Ballista is your first weapon that is available when first purchasing the Arsenal. It will fire large arrows that will damage all enemies at the same time. After about a 10 second cooldown the Ballista will fire again and again until the match is over.

  • Fiery – Deals damage and has the chance of dealing double damage.
  • Icy – Stuns the enemy when it hits them for a short period of time.
  • Poisonous – Deals more damage than Fiery, but damage is dealt over time.

Magic Runes Lv 2

Magic runes will lay on the ground like a trap and effect the enemies attributes.

  • Fiery – Lowers the amount of damage dealt by the enemy.
  • Icy – Makes the cooldown period for enemy spells and skills take longer.
  • Poisonous – Will increase the amount of damage taken by the enemy.


Archers Tower Lv 3

The Archers Tower lets you have a single archer that will attack at a certain rate from a high position. The archer is good for targeting the back rows and taking down the players with weaker defense.

Moat Lv 4

The Moat spills hot liquids across the ground doing damage and slowing the enemy.

Kraken Lv 5

The large Kraken will hit the invading party with it’s tentacles from under the bridge dealing damage and statues effects.

Ancient Totems Lv 6

These Ancient Totems will offer various boosts to your parties attributes in battle.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Dec 112017

The Hustle Castle Throne Room is probably the most important room you have as it will have to be upgraded before everything else. As you improve the Throne Room new rooms will become available as it’s level gets higher and you’ll be able to improve existing rooms. You can see whats unlocked when by going through the tabs in the Market.

Since the Throne room is more of a decoration you can keep it on the outskirts of your building area so dwellers can reach more used areas faster.

Castle Editor

There are 2 ways of accessing the castle editor. This first is by tapping on the Throne Room while the second way is to long press anywhere on the screen in the rooms area. With the editor you can move the rooms around how you like them when ever you want to. They can even be moved while upgrading or producing resources.

When some rooms are placed next to each other they can merge and become a bigger room. To do this they just have to be the same level and type before they will combine automatically when placed next to each other.

You can find clatter on the empty castle space that takes time and gold to remove. This can be a good source of free diamonds if you keep removing them all and letting new spots appear.

When merging rooms you can break them into pieces again so upgrade cost will be less and easier to manage. To do this you’ll have to place all sections away from each others and remember to hit the save button.

Check out the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Dec 102017

The newest addition to Hustle Castle is the Arena Tournament which has artifacts that can add increased power to your fighting party. Your gonna need to be at your best game to make it to the top of the ranking in the Arena as the players there are tough.

These matches can be easier to win then trying to raid someones castle as they wont have any castle defenses to help them out. If your having trouble check out our tips and tricks that can help shed some light on things.


What are Tickets – Tickets are won by getting first place in the arena or opening the royal chest. You can then spend your ticket on an upgraded arena match that will have the chance of winning more badges of valor and the Royal Tournament Chest for 1st through 3rd finishers.

How to get Tickets – You can only get tickets by winning first place in the Arena or by opening a royal chest. Tickets wont be that easy to get as you’ll have to have high attack rating if your gonna make it to the top.


Artifacts are unique items that can only be purchased in the Arena shop using badges of valor. These can add much more attack power to your party by summoning different units when meeting certain perimeters like when an ally dies. If you have more than one of the same artifact the bonuses wont stack and you’ll be wasting an equipment slot.

Badges of Valor

What are Badges of Valor – These are used to purchase items from the Arena shop only. They can only be gotten by participating in the Arena. Unlike the portal they will not disappear after time so you can take your time saving up for items in the shop.

Royal Chest

The royal chest can only be gotten randomly when placing 1st through 3rd after using a ticket to start an arena match. If your strong enough you can keep getting royal chest by wining in the top 3. This will allow for some serious equipment upgrades including having more legendary gear than you can handle. The royal chest drops 2-4 epic items, 1-2 legendary items, 5-10 tickets and 500-1000 badges of valor.

Check out the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more that’s updated regularly.

Dec 092017

A Hustle Castle: Medieval Life Wiki with Tips, Guides, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Hustle Castle: Medieval Life is similar to Fallout Shelter and is a Strategy with RPG elements developed by it’s available for both Android and iOS though it know by a different name on  Android called Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom.

Check back to this Wiki in the near future for updated and new content.

Hustle Castle: Medieval Life Wiki


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Five Star Potential – You can make your own Five Star ranked dwellers in the Living Rooms if you didn’t want to use real money to do so. This can be achieved by breeding to lower stars to get better quality. You start the game with 3’s and can then produce 4’s out of them. Then make 5’s out of the 4’s. It is best practice to always use your highest potential dwellers so the odds of getting good results are better.

Saving Resources – When your away from your castle other players can attempt to steal your resources if they can get past your defenses. One way to hold onto more goods is to keep them in the production building since stolen items are only from the collected pool. This can backfire though if your not careful as you may reach your limit and not be able to produce anymore. The amount saved after awhile wont be even close to whats needed to upgrade a higher level room later in the game, but every little can count when getting raided continually.

Trap – You can set others players up for a trap so you can earn more PvP points passively. This can be risky at certain levels, but if your gear is high enough you can pull it off though it can take time to get results. What you do is put a tank in the best gear you can find, then you have mages with the resurrect spell so the tank wont stay dead. You’ll need 2 or more caster if you want good results. If you put lesser gear on the mages than your power number will be low. This will lead in people who think you’ll be an easy kill, but then find out that you can be killed due to constant resurrection. This may not always work but can be a great way to get mote PvP points


Below are links to information that can help you get past certain difficult barriers that are designed to keep your castle growing. For the most part things are pretty straight forward when it comes to advancing in the game. Keep your castle growing and everything will move ahead slowly. If you getting taken out too much when it comes to protecting your resources or in the Arena this means that you’ll have to get better gear. It can be hard to stay up with the highest ranked gear for your level especially when it comes to getting legendary quality. Then when you add in that some players spend lots of cash on this app higher ranked players are just going to be impossible to beat.

Dreadful Barrier Walkthrough Guide Tips

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Cheats & Promo Codes

Dec 072017

The Hustle Castle iOS can be found on iTunes with the download below or stick around for a Review, Gameplay and Wiki and more. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is free to play with payed option strategy RPG developed by B.V..

This review will cover part of the basic operation of the game along with a gameplay video for your viewing purposes.

Hustle Castle iOS iTunes


Download Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom on iTunes


If you have ever played Fallout Shelter than you’ll be familiar with Hustle Castle from the get go. Build up your castle by adding rooms that do different things from producing resources to crafting weapons. Work your way across the world map to find the princess battling your way through stages that get more difficult as you go on.

Produce your own dwellers in the Living Room to help run your castle and fill the various positions from speed boosters to fighters.

Guard your castle resources against other players whole are trying to steal them or invade other peoples castle and try to steal their stuff. Join others in the Portal and try to earn Dark Souls that can be spend on items to further your advancement like legendary armor and special currency.


Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more.

Dec 062017

This is a Hustle Castle Review with Gameplay video along with other information. When you have the app installed come back to check out our tips and tricks for a little boost to help you out. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is a lot like Fallout Shelter in that you’ll have to place different rooms to build up a castle to it’s former glory. You’ll start out with the princess kidnapped along with the king and your their only hope at returning to the life they once had.

Grow your castle population by combining males and females to create new people that you can assign to different duties around the castle. Rooms will take time to add and upgrade as you build up your castle. Gather resources that are used to upgrade and purchase various things. Protect you resources against castle invaders when they come knocking at the front gate by equipping many different items along with skills and castle defenses.

Upgrade your heroes up to Five Star quality as you train them for fighting and various duties like resources gathering and crafting cooldowns. Craft all kinds of items with qualities like common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.

Travel across the world map in search of your princess fighting battles that will only get harder. Protect the kingdom from invasions and receive rewards and chests for doing so. Complete daily quests for all kinds of loot along with a free daily chest to help out a little.

Join others in the Portal gathering dark souls to upgrade themselves even more. Try you luck in the portal by getting as far as you can maybe even landing on the leader board which has it’s rewards.

Purchase a Premium Membership as get bonus loot and many more options that will give you the upper hand in battle. Purchase a pet to help keep you dwellers company around the castle.



Check the Hustle Castle Wiki for more guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot of other stuff.

Dec 062017

Below is a growing list of Hustle Castle Tips and Tricks along with other things like hints, guides, how to’s and more.

There’s more related info just check the Hustle Castle Wiki for more guides, tips, walkthroughs and a long list of other things.

Hustle Castle Tips and Tricks

Crafting – Crafting is a great way to replace gear that has low stats and can be improved upon. You can get crafting materials by breaking down equipment that you don’t need anymore. This is the best place to get Legendary quality items though they can take awhile to save up for. I can be a good idea to save some of the craft materiel for when you level up further through fighter training.

Getting Five Star Potential Dwellers without real money – There are 2 ways to get the highest ranked dweller in the game. The first is to combine males and females in the Living Room to make babies that grow up into five star adults. The second way is to upgrade the ones you already have using diamonds which can be expensive.

When using the Living Rooms it’s best to use your highest ranked dwellers in the duplication process. You can use two 3 stars to get a four star and so forth. Your going to want at least 6 Five Star residents so they can train to the highest levels which is 100 and wear the best gear. Without 6 of the highest ranked heroes ou wont be able to make it to the later stages in the game.

Happiness – When your Happiness is high you can get earning bonuses when producing resources by 2%, 5% and 20% for premium players. There are several different ways to raise your happiness which will go down after time.

  1. The first is to tap the bubbles that appear over your dwellers heads in the castle. Each one will produce a small amount and has the chance of giving you free diamonds.
  2. When you have a baby and when the baby grows up into a usable adult form you’ll get a large amount.
  3. Completing construction of castle rooms will net you some.

How To Merge Rooms – You can merge more than one room together to form a larger room. They only have to be the same level and type than all you have to do is place them next to each other. You can always divide the room again in the castle editor which can be useful for cheaper sectional upgrading. Merging will help when it comes to collecting resources as you wont have to tap the screen so much when collecting them.

Protecting Resources – Unless you have a higher power rating for your level bracket your probably going to have lots of people trying to steal your resources. One way to protect them is to keep them in the room that generates them. This will make sure that invaders don’t get everything you have when they do get through your defenses. You want to be careful you don’t spend that much times maxed out or you’ll end up wasting stuff.

Resurrection – Having the resurrection spell can be a big help when you have problems with fighter dying too fast in battle. If you have more than one caster of resurrection like say 2 or 3 than your chances of survival will go up good when you have tanks at the front line.

Dec 062017

You may be looking to start over for some reason and reset Hustle Castle back to a fresh and new installation. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of reset button or place to unlink your account. What you can do is switch your account to something different which will need to have 2 account in Gmail or Facebook. Once you have switched Hustle Castle over to another account you can reinstall the app under the default Google account associated with your device as a fresh install.

How To Reset Hustle Castle

If you want a Hustle Castle reset this is what you do.

1. Go into Settings and tap the Account Management button.

2. Next select either the Google Play or Facebook option and choose something different then the default.

3. Uninstall the app, then re-install it from the Google Play, Itunes store or from a backup.

4. Now when you log in for the first time don’t use any of the same accounts that are connected and you should be able to reset and start fresh and new.

For more info visit the Hustle Castle Wiki with guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Dec 042017

Hustle Castle Potential is a very important part of the game. Without having five stars you wont be able to wear the best weapons, armor, rings and amulets which require a fighter training limit of 100. Fortunately, in Hustle Castle you are able to breed five star babies without having to pay real money, though you can upgrade dwellers that have already been born using diamonds.

Getting Five Star Potential

When you start out the game you’ll find dwellers during the first few mission that will join your castle. After that your going to have to breed your own dwellers using the Living Room. When you combine a man and a woman it will start a timer that can be seen in the Living Room Info menu. After that pregnancy will occur which will take some more time. Then the baby will be born and you’ll have to wait until their first birthday where they turn into a usable character that can be assigned to different castle rooms.

In the beginning you will start with three star dwellers that can be combined to eventually have a four star baby. You then combine you four stars to eventually get a five star. Then you going to want to keep only five star dwellers breeding so you can get the best potential possible.

Your going to wanna make breeding five stars your first priority so you don’t have to retrain fighters which can take a long time in the higher levels. Plus if their levels are too low you wont be able to use better equipment which will stop you from progressing in the game. Your going to want at least 6 of them to fill the Barracks the rest of the rooms don’t need high potential cause they don’t train that high.

For more info on this app visit the Hustle Castle Wiki with guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Dec 032017

For the most part Hustle Castle Strategy is pretty straight forwards, keep upgrading things and try to have the best gear for your level. Unless you spend money you’ll find that some players are really hard to beat and seem over powered. That’s because the gear they have is better which was more than likely gotten from a high level chest or was crafted.

When making your way through the missions map things can get pretty difficult real fast. These spots are where the developer wants you to upgrade your castle and hopefully spend a little money. With time and patience you’ll be able to overcome the hurdle eventually.

Enemy Info – Some stages have monster that attack in weird ways like the back row first or starting with archers. Before you enter a battle you can tap on monsters pictures for information that could help beat them. Bosses are especially unique and can be impossible to beat unless you check out their info like in Hot Ashes where the boss will attack archers first if there are any and then the rest of the back row.

Living Room – The Living Room is one of the most important rooms as it’s were you breed your dwellers including the 5 Star quality ones. Things are pretty straight forward, only put in your highest ranked dwellers for the best results. After awhile you’ll have a castle full of 5 stars. Having 5 star dwellers is very important as it means they will be able to wear the best gear in the game which has a fighting level of 80-100. I t can take some time, but after a week or two you should have quite a few max quality people that you can level up for fighting as it seems to be the only room that will demand a 5 star to get the best out of it.

Invasions – These are battle that will pop up on the map once you have completed an area. They will only last a certain time so you’ll have to get them early. Winning and invasion will reward a chest and completing them all will get you a better chest. Thesee battle are also good for working towards daily quests which will also reward chests.

Protecting Resources – It can be hard to hold onto resources sometimes when other players are ransacking your castle. You can save up chests until you need to make a purchase. This will help with having enough gold for things. The only resources stolen are the ones that have been collected so if you leave stuff in there respective rooms without tapping on them this can protect your goods.

PvP – When fighting other players the person with the best gear will usually win unless you have a better class line up. The resurrection spell can make a huge difference when fight as it will revive dead players once they have fallen and then will be ready again after about 10 seconds. Having more than one resurrection skill can make a huge difference. When you get knocked down your players will get right back up like their unstoppable. Even on weapons that have low DPS rivie can be a big help.

For more information on this app check out the Hustle Castle Wiki with guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

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