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This post will go over different ways to go to hell according to various testimonies of people who died and went to hell or had an out of body experience and went there. I never really took Hell that serious until I saw the videos below. They really wake you up to what might happen to you on the other side. According to the videos it’s seems a little easier to got to hell than I original thought. Since the point of this post is to try an help people from going to hell I think the best way would be to reverse any bad behavior and add new good behavior along with being aware of Jesus Christ. Defiantly do not go against God or the the use of good behavior intentionally for whatever reason.

Ways To Go To Hell

FDA – The Food and Drug Administration is a horrific nightmare of fake knowledge meant to keep people sick while making money off treatments that will never cure you. Then they hope it will get so bad that you’ll need to have an expensive surgery. This seems to be for massive greed purposes along with population control and holding down a country so that it can be manipulated or taken over. The FDA is committing some of the highest treason and sin that has probably ever existed. Most people that are involved with the FDA are probably going to hell thanks to there none progressive murderous anti-christ behavior. It’s so bad that I would not be surprised if the top officials at the FDA, CDC and other so called government agencies are practicing devils worshipers that are intentionally going against God.

The 90 Essential Nutrient is a nutritional supplement that can prevent all birth defects along with most of the disease known to man. It will also cure an absolute ton of things. Check out this video on the 90 Essential Nutrients so you can live a long healthy life with having to suffer from disease and the torturous treatments of the FDA.

Doctors that prescribe drugs are in a scam system where there will never be a cure. The people have a responsibility to heal you like you think they will, but will never do that because they have been purposely given the wrong information at colleges to choose making money over human life.

What the FDA is doing with cancer patients is horrific and will most defiantly get the people involved with cancer treatment put in hell. It’s one of the few things that all doctors involved can make money so there is lots of incentive to rush someone into murderous chemo therapy and there other treatments. The FDA works very hard to make sure there are no cures for cancer going viral as cancer is one of there biggest money makers. The 90 Essential Nutrients can cure different cancers when taken correctly with a healthy diet.

As a result of the FDA way of thinking there is supposedly a ton of secret l;abs and underground facilities taking part in the manipulation of the human body. They are doing the worst things possible to humans in cages which I would imagine is almost like hell itself. I heard in one case they have human heads on turtle bodies. They also surly take part in massive cloning of humans which is suppose to be illegal, but not for the rich who don’t follow any laws.

High Ranking Military and Possibly All – Though a country needs to have defenses against who knows what they seem to abuse their power in probably some of the worse ways possible. Generals in the military along with many other players are guilty of committing some of the worst crimes know to man. 911 and the World Trade Centers would be a good example since it was an inside job with heavy US military support. There is so much information on the subject now that it makes the FBI and military look like high treason anti-christ criminals. 911 was the same thing as the Pearl Harbor bombing as it was an excuse to start a war. The people involved with these crimes against humanity will probably land in hell pretty easy.

Even though these people are just taking orders they are guilty of high sin. I don’t think the US military is getting payed so they can kill and torture US citizens, but that’s what they do on a daily basis. Not to mention the absolute ton of so called classified information that would save many lives and make the quality of life better. Who let the killers hold on to the important things in life. The way they take soldiers and treat them like test subjects injecting them with all kinds of secret modifying vaccinations a person should avoid the military at all costs. Not to mention the VA hospitals are full of doctors that have outdated knowledge or are just wrong when it comes to the health of veterans.

I heard that the soldiers that found Osama Bin Lladen during Obama’s term were executed be being flown out into water with a helicopter then shot with sniper rifles by other soldiers. That’s because there was never a living Osama Bin Lladen found as his body was supposedly on ice for a long time. These type of people seem to be headed to hell for sure. I bet they think their so oorah tough only to find out when they die that they were mislead by satin thinkers and get sentenced to hell.

The US military seems to be extremely corrupt with killers everywhere. I don’t think Jesus would kill people with bombs, guns and bio weapons.

Police, Judges and Lawyers – I don’t think kidnapping people and throwing them in a jail cell with nothing along with poison food and water is the best way to take care of a person. America has more people in jail per person than any other country in the world. I know we need a defense for crimes that occur, but police have a long way to evolve if they want to say they are actually helping people. The system seems to hate labeled criminals and instead of helping them grow will lazilly throw them away for a certain amount of time. And who gave these guys guns and a license to kill. Police should have none kill weapons, but then they wouldn’t get away with murder.

Many people may have already noticed how police will refuse to give information on certain crimes and seem to cover up what really happened. Police station in big cities seem to have assassins that work for them are who are ready to kill at will. They may even have someone come over from the military, FBI or CIA posing as a police officer to kill someone like actors who promote cures for disease or singers pointing the finger at devil worshipers in high ranking job positions. There seems to be a ruling elite or people with lots of money and influence that can give police and military orders from time to time.

Where police would go to hell is thinking to lightly about there actions and throwing everyone in jail believing this is their job. What there not looking at is the systems set up to not help people and the ripple effect like breaking up a family or destroying someones life for minor reasons. A huge red flag is the massive amount of police show on tv that only show them in a good light. This is a propaganda campaign to make something look like it’s not to prevent having to change it. In real life people suffer from feelings of police brutality when they see or deal with the police in action. Another just taking orders job position that is likely to get you thrown in hell for being an absolute terror.

Rich and Famous – These people have the chance to communicate important information to large groups of people, but will either not talk about anything useful or deliver harming information. One of the biggest reasons why they keep their mouths shut is that they are afraid they will either loose their fortunes or be killed by some private execution team, military or even the local police. For some reason most of the rich and famous are full of useless information that doesn’t help anyone.

Worship Satin – Apparently there are a ton of people that worship satin and other evil spirits. Somehow they may be getting rewarded and certain strength from doing so without knowing the possible outcome for their actions. Some of these people are being mislead by satin with the promise that they will be rewarded after death or travel to some kind of vacation area, but this seems to be the furthest from the truth according to testimonies as you really just end up in Hell with demons doing all kinds of horrible things to your spirit.

A Small Prayer

Since there somehow seems to be people in this world getting power from satin or other evil spirits by and for doing horrible things against God I pray to cut them off from any kind of communication that helps feed these peoples evil deeds in the name of Jesus Christ.


The information above is based on the testimonies of the people in the below videos.

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