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Guns of Glory Best Guards are going to be the strongest units that you can come by. This will depend on how far you are in the game and how many different units that you have unlocked. Your also going to want as man as possible for the biggest possible defense.

Having units that are stronger against certain enemies are a must. Many times when people attack you they are coming from a long ways away so they will use horse units or other things that are fast. You can be ready for them by having those units weaknesses. The best thing to do is switch your players after you see that someone is sending troops to attack your location.

Joining an alliance can be very helpful when it comes to protecting your stuff. Many times someone might back off if they notice your in a group and sometimes you might get help from your alliance with a little revenge. With this in mind you might not want to start problems with people to keep the enemy count down. With games like these if you end up being a target by other groups you could have a hard time progressing in the game.

Since guards will depend on how far you are in the game you might not want to leave anyone for protect early on as they can be removed and defeated very fast making it harder to keep up your army. It can be a waste to keep guards if you are constantly being attacked by someone who you know will defeat you.

If your having a hard time with attackers you can always move you location to somewhere new though this could also be worse off. If you have a chance to move where you want to you might consider a place right next to your strongest alliance member sot hey may be more helpful.

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Mar 042018

Below is a poll that people can use to vote on and find out which Alex Jones InfoWars products are the best. If your interested in any of the products listed here or would like to find out more about them you can do so at This post is meant to help shed light on which products are the best so you can make a better purchasing decision. Most if not all of Alex Jones products are spear tip technology and better than anything else on the market today so no matter what you buy your getting a good deal and a great product.

I personally have tried many of the items they have available on and have been very happy with the results. I used the 90 Essential Nutrients to get rid of my arthritis in 2 days!!! Check out this video for way more info on the 90 as it can prevent almost every disease known to man including all birth defects and can cure tons of things as well. I also have very good results with the Liver Shield which helped me loose 20-30 pounds and had amazingly noticeable cleanse results when used with Oxy Powder and there Liver Cleanse guide that also removed plastic balls that had formed in my appendix from FDA terrorism high treason food.

The Survival Shield X-2 Nascent Iodine is the best quality you can possible get as it’s mined from purple crystals and is 100% pure Iodine. This stuff is great for opening your third eye and cleaning your body of toxic waste like heavy medals and environmental pollution. It’s so strong that you can even get sick using it in the beginning from your body detoxifying too fast which can be countered by reducing the dosage or taking a break.

Alex Jones InfoWars Shop Best Products Poll

You can vote on more than one product if you like.

Alex Jones InfoWars Shop Best Products Poll

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Feb 232018

The Hero Hunters Best Team is going to be made up of the best heroes that you can get your hands on. You going to want at least one from the different attack types so you can have more of an advantage over enemies. The more stars that a hero has the more power they will also have.

One of the best places to get heroes if from the chests in the store that cost gold. You can find characters fast rather than having to put then together with many fragments. Once you reach a team level of 10 you will unlock the ability to get fragments that can be used to acquire new playable characters.

At first your best team is going to be probably the first players you find. You might not want to level them up too much though encase you find someone who is better and then you would have resources to upgrade them.

You might have noticed already, but hero star levels only seem to go up to 7 instead of the 10 it looks like it should. This might mean that the developers could come out with some new content after some time. For now the best players are limited to only a couple with the rest of them having less stars. You can check out stats on heroes before obtaining them by tapping on the in the hero menu.

Again, if your looking for the best team then your going to want to get the players with the most power. Skills can also be a factor when it comes to choosing your party though the higher quality characters will most likely cause more damage over time then weaker units regardless of skills.

If your interested in more related information you can check out the Hero Hunters Wiki.

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Feb 222018

The Hero Hunters Best Characters are going to be the ones that have the most stars and will take provably the longest to unlock. The highest star level that a hero goes up to seems to be 7 at the moment even though it looks like they have a limit of 10. The developers must have more content that might be available in the near future.

You can check the stats of heroes before you get them so you can have an idea of what your looking at. You are going to need at least one for every type of attack and you going to wont ones with the highest attack power. To get more attack power your going to have to get better quality heroes as star count will have a direct relation to power levels.

One of the best places to get heroes is opening chest in the store using gold. Though this can get kind of expensive and can be a long time between draws you can usually get someone the has good enough stats. The odds of getting a really high quality character are probably pretty slim as the developers are trying to make money so they turn the odds way down.

After you have a Team level of 10 or higher you are able to partake in missions that will allow you to earn fragments so you can gain new party members. Unfortunately, the ones you wont the most are going to be the hardest to get and longest to acquire.

If your interested in more related information you can check out the Hero Hunters Wiki.

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Feb 182018

The Hero Hunters Best Heroes are going to be characters that have a higher star count. Sometime though the best possible choice will be the strongest players that you have. In the beginning you wont have much to choose from and upgrading who ever you can find will probably be your only choice unless you decide to spend real money.

The Hero Crate in the shop that cost 300 gold is probably one of the best places to find a good team player. The more stars they have the harder they will be to get from the crate. Getting characters from crates can be risky and is a lot like gambling, but you can find full heroes without having to collect fragments. In the beginning of the game Hero Crate can give you a big advantage when it comes to building a strong team.

The Black Market is unlocked at team level 10 and is a great place to find fragments for heroes. Some though will take longer than others to acquires as they will need more fragments the stronger they are. If you scroll through the long list of playable characters in the heroes tab you will see a star rating that goes all the way up to 10. Unfortunately, right now it seem as though there are no 10 star heroes and they highest they seem to go is up to seven stars which includes the Prophet and Artemis.

If your trying to get the highest rated players it’s going to take some time as the only way seem to be collecting their fragments which can be time consuming. If your lucky you might get them in the crates, but they might not even be in there.

All players will have a starting power rating that should be taken into account before acquiring and upgrading them. Your going to want to upgrade the best you have so that you don’t waste upgrade parts and can have a higher max power rating. Stats can be checked before someone is acquirable and playable so your able to look ahead slightly when it comes to building a stronger team in the future.

If your looking for more related info check out the Hero Hunters Wiki.

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Jan 092018

The Dungeon Inc Best Raid Team will depend on what staff you have available and what level they are. For the most part your going to want to use the strongest staff that you have. Some staff are focused on earnings while others are meant for attack. Be sure to look at their special moves and choose the ones that will deal the most damage. The Auto Choose feature does a horrible job of assigning employees and your gonna have to pick them manually for the best results. Because there doesn’t seem to be too many people playing this game anymore you shouldn’t have too much of a problem ranking for one of the higher quality chests.

The attack power of an enemy team can vary in raids. Some will be easy to beat while other will have many level and will end up defeating your whole party. Unless you are a very high level the chance of coming across a stronger player is inevitable. Since match up are on the random side I wouldn’t worry to much about party strength unless your really on the low side. The good thing is there are only so many key and if you fail to get the max of 8 you will have the chance to get the rest in another raid.

Bort is one of the best for raids as he will deal a ton of damage to an enemy when he dies usually killing them in one hit. Bort is also faster than most other staff and will run to the front of the line taking enemies on one on one. It up to you if you would have him attack the first enemy or save him for someone down the line a little.

Spells can make a big difference in the outcome of a raid too. Power Tapper is a great spell the will increase the amount of damage done when tapping.It wont last long, but you should have enough time to take down a couple enemies with it. This should be saved for when enemies are on the stronger side or your just about to loose due to your party being defeated.

Relics will also play a big role in raids when you have the right ones unlocked. Not all of them will work for raids. You can check this relic list to find out what you need and how much it’s gonna cost.

Visit the Dungeon Inc Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more.

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Dec 202017

The Hustle Castle best weapons and armor are going to be of legendary quality though some item types like artifacts don’t go up to legendary. Legendary items can be found in arena chest along with purchased in the portal store. You can also craft them using purple shards, but it might take a while to save up the amount needed. When you equipped items with better quality you will dramatically increase your squad power. Weapons and armor can have certain buffs that come along with them that will set them above the rest.

You have to remember that your gonna need at least 6 five start potential dwellers if you want to wear the best gear. This can be done by making them in the Living Room or by upgrading the ones you have using diamonds.

Best Weapons

I would have to say that the best weapon in Hustle Castle would have to be a mage weapon with resurrection on it. When you have more than one you can keep raising dead teammates at a good enough rate to stay afloat well over you squad power limits. You should get one resurrection wand early on automatically while you’ll be on your own when it comes to finding more of them.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Best Armor

The best armor will depend on your class since they offer class specific bonuses. You can put armor from other classes on any class but it will lower your squad power rating by a large amount since your missing out on the damage and defense bonuses.

If I had to choose a winner I would go with melee fighter armor as they hold the front line like tanks so the more damaging back rows can deal their damage.

Best Spell

The best spell seems to be Lion’s Spirit as it increases attack damage by a large amount and will raise the damage of other spells when used before.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Check the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more.

Dec 162017

The Hustle Castle Magic Workshop is a place you can craft spells that are used in battle. The Magic Lab is where you raise the levels of those spells to increase there strength. Mana is the only resource used to craft them which comes from the Mana Well. At first you’ll only be able to have 2 spells, but when your fully upgraded bringing 6 with you into battle will be possible.


Magic Orb

The Magic Orb is the first spell you’ll get and you might use it a lot. It will deal magical damage to a random foe on the battle field which can make it sort of a gamble when casting. This spell can be good for taking down enemies and bosses that have immunity to physical attacks like in Hot Ashes and other stages.

Lion’s Spirit

Will increase the damage done by your whole party for a short time period. This seems to be the best spell according to others. As you level this up it will increase more damage and last longer making it a truly effective spell. You can combine this with other spell to raise the damage output even more.

Cliff’s Totem

Cliff’s Totem will reduce incoming damage for the whole party. When it comes to stats this spell is just behind Lion’s Spirit making it less valuable and since it’s a higher tier it makes it even more less valuable. Would be good for fight where your taking a lot of damage, but the enemy has poor defense.

Healing Ray

Healing Ray is the first of the healing spells that will restore the HP of a random teammate on the battle field. Since the spell is random it can have a hard time getting to the person who needs it most unless only one person is taking damage.

Summon Ally

Summon Ally will bring an angry orc to the field that will fight by your side. Having an extra teammate can be good for soaking up damage. Others spells like Lion’s Spirit can help you deal more damage.

Icy Trap

Icy Trap will hit all enemies and stun them. This can have a big effect when there are lots of enemies. Doesn’t work the best until upgrades a few times where foes will be stunned for much longer.


The Fireball will replace the Magic Orb since it can hit a group of enemies compared to just one. Very useful when it comes to taking down groups and even better when paired with Lion’s Spirit.

Healing Glade

The next big healing spell is Healing Glade which will restore the HP of all party members over a short period of time. By the time you unlock this spell the health restored might not be even close to the incoming damage occurring. It will do a much better job after being leveled up a few times in the Magic Lab.

Best Spells Poll

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See the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more.

Dec 142017

Information on the best Hustle Castle class and build for the Barracks along with which is better for PvP and PvE. For the most part your gonna end up using all classes at some point and time as the game has barriers set up to force usage of them all.

Some stages might have enemies target Archers first that can then lead to the killing your mage moving onto the front line last. Or better yet you could have enemies attack from the rear taking down weaker defensed units fast. Either way your gonna end up switching your party around to get past specific obstacles. You can tap on enemies pictures before entering battle to see what they might do that’s different and tactical.

When training your classes remember that your gonna need Five Star Potential to train them to the highest levels so they can wear the best gear. You gonna need at least 6 of them to fill up the Barracks.

Hustle Castle Best Class


The Warrior is a must have class and will probably be used in most stages as a tank and a damage dealer. For this reason the warrior is probably the best class as you will more than likely be using it the most. Without this guy the enemies will run right over the weaker back row classes that have less armor. You can equip warrior armor on the archer and mage for more hit points though you will take away the damage bonus that their class specific armor comes with.


The archer will deal large damage from affair with some weapons hit multiple enemies. Since the archer is the furthest back on the battle field they are usually the last one standing. For this reason they can be good attacker that can have high DPS. The archer has a very long attacks range and is good for targeting the back row of your enemy.


The mage will attack from the middle on your side doing damage to all enemies in a group. It has the lowest armor of all classes, but makes up for it with group attacks and spell casting. One of the biggest advantages in the game is the revive spell that will be on some mages weapons. As soon as your teammate falls in battle they will be resurrected with a large portion of health. Then after about a 10 second cooldown time your ready to revive again. Having more than one mage with the revive spell can make an unstable force to be reckoned with. The healing spells can have a big effect though they don’t work when your dead. A mages strength is in his armor as it will buff attack power.


Vote for yourself on what class you think is the best along with what might be the best spell. Feel free to vote for more than one if that’s what you think.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Hustle Castle Best Spell

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See the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Dec 082017

The Alchemist Code Best Units, Characters, Jobs, Healer information along with other stuff. Finding someone good to use in this game can be a daunting task considering how many players can be used in battle. Fortunately, the developers left in some extras to help out when things get hard like hiring a mercenary. Since there are so many options using what you can get your hands on might be more progressive than trying to get a particulate character.

Best Units and Characters

When trying to figure out who is the best unit the answer to that is both good and bad. This app has 66 different characters to choose from that can be used in battle and getting the exact ones that you want can be a difficult task. Once you do have something in your sights checking the store can help when it comes to finding shards though it can get expensive fast. Many players may find themselves stuck using what they can ge their hands on which might not be the best. If your trying to find a certain unit you may be able to find clues listed when tapping the shard pictures which usually say you can find them in quests.

Before you start a mission you have the option to hire a mercenary to come along with you. They can have a very high level for a cheap cost or even free. These characters can have some of the biggest benefit in battle especially early on.

Best Jobs

There are 44 jobs in the alchemist code and each of them has it’s own set of main and basic abilities. Some are much more useful than others because they might have a fourth main ability that can be the strongest in the game.

Priest – Having a healer can be very important in some battles as they can be long and have lots of damage. Having someone to heal the damage can be a big help, especially since you can have far less players than the enemy side. You should start with this job at 3 stars and they can suffice until you find somehting that can be upgraded easier trhgouh being able to find shards better.

Best Healer

The best healer is gonna be the strongest person that you can hire as a mercenary which can be kind of random when it comes to choosing one. They will have a level potentially much higher than your and will often become the number one party member when they join temporally for one fight.

Here’s a post on Fast Leveling if your interested.