Mar 102018

Hero Hunters Cheats are going to be pretty hard to come by since apps like these will keep them out of the app on purpose to increase sales and in game purchases. One thing you can do is turn off your data to sop ads from showing up.

Some websites might have modded apps available that have things like infinite currency or god mode. Since this apps requires an online connection your chances of finding a modded app are going to be slim pickings since online apps check for this type of thing before starting the app.

Lots of game in the past used to have all kinds of things you could do to alter the game, but mobile seems to be pretty empty when it comes to cheats. On thing is for sure though and that when you use cheat the game will often become much more boring and you’ll probably quit very soon after using them. This happened to me with Skyrim along with tons of other games.

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Mar 082018

Below is a Idle Kingdom Clicker Full Map that you can used to find the locations of different things without having to explore a bunch of times and make your own. For the most part there doesn’t seem to be a lot of locations to choose from especially around the outer edges. After you have reset a couple of times you will unlock the Library which is used to collect Science passively.

Your going to have to play quite a few times to get your score multiplier up there high enough to unlock a lot of locations at once. When getting more and more temples that raise your reset score you will start to multiply which will make your score very big after awhile. One things to remember is that it doesn’t matter which order you claim the temples as you will get the same number no matter which one is first or last to unlock.

There is no end to the game as you can keep playing forever increasing your score letting you build more faster on your next play through. The more temples you get in a run the better your score will be when it comes to resetting. It might be better to wait awhile to unlock more temples than to just take what you can on the fast earning tiles.

The developers makes it seem like he could come out with an update with more content any day now, but this seems to be not the case as the game has been released for awhile now without any new content added.

When it comes to how long you going to play I guess the furthest you could go for goals is to unlock every temple in one playthrough which would take a lot of time to accomplish.

Idle Kingdom Clicker Full Map

Mar 062018

Hero Hunters District 4 can be a difficult venture if your under leveled or have a weak team. They way this game is set up is the developers have made many of the later stages very difficult in hopes that you will spend real money on the app. You can say that it might not even be a game the way it’s set up as your going to be manipulated into buying something that wont get you ahead that much so you have to buy even more.

If your really into this app for some reason and are planning on spending money there are a couple things that can help you out. First of the piggy bank can give you a large bonus when you make a purchase. The extra amount earned seems to decrease as you purchase more though so be warned encase you start to go crazy spending. This is a good tactic to earn extra gold in the beginning of the game.

The second thing that you can do to stay ahead is purchase hero crates from the store using gold. These can be a great source of new characters and you wont have to worry about collecting all those fragments to put one together. Of course, if you trying for the best heroes using the crates you chances are probably going to be pretty low. So it might be a good idea to work towards the stronger ones collecting fragments while you hope for the best using crates.

If you take you time moving forwards as things are probably going to be slow going as this is how the game is designed, you will eventually be able to get past what ever hurdle the have put in the app. Just a far warning though, this app is designed to get you to play as long as possible so that you will hopefully start to throw money at it. So if it seem sway to difficult or time consuming this is to manipulate you into spending real money. In a lot of ways apps like these real aren’t games, but traps to generate an income.

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Mar 052018

Hero Hunters VIP is a feature that lets you increase you power based on how much money you spend on the game. Things can get pretty expensive if you planning on getting to the highest VIP though you will have a much easier time with the more difficult areas of the game.

You can view the 15 different VIP levels and the bonuses that come with them by scrolling the VIP Benefits List to the side. Many of the benefit that you receive are daily bonuses that can help you out in different areas of the game. Some of the stuff you unlock will help you out when you spend real money on different things which isn’t that helpful and is more of a money making tactic. Each new level will include the bonuses from the previous levels so you will have a pretty good build up of extras.

Using the free gold options doesn’t seem to offer and VIP points as your going to have to spend real money to increase it.

By the time a person got to level 15 they would have spent a lot of money on the game purchasing gold and should have a decent team by then. This game seems to be gears for you to play for along time. So after you have reached maxed level you will probably have a lot of game left to play unless you have gotten pretty far before maxing out.

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Mar 032018

Below are various Hero Hunters Tips and Tricks that can help shed some light on things. For the most part stuff is pretty straight forward. Your going to want to have the strongest party to be able to complete the hardest stages, this will take some time though.

If your having trouble moving ahead in the game is probably because this app is really geared towards making real money rather than having people enjoy gameplay. It will take time to move forward unless you spend lots of money which the game seems to be to expensive to play when compared to many other apps.

Hero Hunters Tips And Tricks

Farming – You will soon get to a stage that you will not be able to complete until you level up more or get new team members that are stronger. The best thing you can do in these situations is to replay past stages to get stronger. You should play the furthest stages that you can complete for the most rewards and experience.

Hero Crate – This is one of the best places to get heroes in the game. You can get good characters to play with and you wont have to collect all of those fragment pieces. The cost is going to be 300 gold which can be a lot for players that don’t plan on spending money. It will take awhile to earn enough gold to open a crate. I here that your probably wasting your money if your planning on spending it on this app as the gold received is a very small amount and the chances of getting good heroes with lots of stars will be slow going.

Stars – You may have already noticed that even though the max stars a hero can have goes up to 10, the most the games seems to have at the moment is 7 star heroes. This probably means that the developer is planning on coming out with some new content soon. As long as this game has been out they should be coming out with an update any day now.

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Mar 022018

This is small amount of Hero Hunters Strategy that can help shed some light on things during gameplay. If your looking for a strong player then the best choices are going to be the guys’ with the highest star count. The game seems to show a maximum of 10 star heroes though the game only seems to have a couple 7 star characters and that’s the highest it goes right now. This probably means that the developers are going to be coming out with an update to add heroes in the near future.

When you building your team it’s a good idea to have a hero who has one of the different attack types. This will help you out more when it comes to taking down your enemy. One of the most important things you can do to proceed forward is to have the strongest heroes possible, but this will take awhile if your planning on getting the strongest ones. When first starting out your best bet is to use who you have though you can hold off on upgrades to save those items for better characters that you could get early on in the game.

When your stuck in a place your best bet is to farm on the strongest level that you can complete so you get get the most rewards compared to energy spent. This game can be a bit of a grind, especially when your trying to collect enough fragments to unlock a new player.

If your looking for an easy way to get new playable characters than your going to want to open crates in the store for gold. Though it can take some time to save up for the 300 gold crate it can be worth it and save a lot of time when it comes to getting all the fragments for someone.

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Mar 012018

Hero Hunters All Heroes can be viewed inside the hero menu, even before you have them unlocked. It can help out in a few different ways to see what you getting before you buy it or work towards unlocking someone. For the most part things are pretty straight forward, try to get your hands on the strongest players to advance through the most difficult parts of the game.

You may have noticed already, but the limit for star rating goes up to 10 though it seems that the highest ranked hero is a 7 star. This more than, likely means that the developers are planning to come out with updated content some time in the future. The game has been out for awhile so new characters should be around the corner and could arrive any day now.

If your trying to unlock all heroes than your going to be in for a long ride. The best thing to do in the beginning is to try and obtain the strongest team that you can. It pretty safe to say that the more stars they have the more power they will have and thus more help in battle situations. It can be a good idea to try and have at least one character from each attack type to help exploit the weaknesses of enemies.

The stronger a player is the more fragments your going to need to unlock them. One of the best ways to acquire new players is to open crates in the shop with gold. These can have a lot of strong players and you wont have to collect all their pieces to use them. Of course this can get expensive especially if your planning on spending real money. There are a couple ways to earn gold in game for free though it will take some time to save up 300 gold for the better crate.

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Feb 272018

Below is information about HQ Trivia Questions And Answers List along with other things. The amount of questions and answers is pretty large so I’m not going to be able to post it here. If your looking for a list your probably going to be out of luck as there doesn’t seem to be one at the moments.

If your looking for an easy way to get questions right you could look the questions up on the internet how though this might not be the best things to do as you might not find the answer easily or at all. Hopefully soon they might have a place to find answers, but so far it’s not looking that good.

The difficulty on some of the questions is pretty difficult if you ask me though other people are probably a lot better then me. These type of apps can be a real knowledge tester or IQ test like as your required to test you ability to be successful. Another way to get things right is to use the processes of elimination to determine which is going to be the best choice. This can be difficult at times especially if you have no idea what there talking about.

I guess a harder way to get things done is to play a lot and then know the right selection the next time it comes along. For the most part it seems like games like these can be more difficult since it’s relying on your own database of information. If the developer did make an answer list available it might take the fun out of the game or at least reduce there chances to earn an income from in game features that cost real money.

So in the end you might end up leaving this title behind without being able to harness a good run to feel a sense of accomplishment. To be better at this app your might have to be alive for longer to gain more knowledge and insight as a person.

Feb 252018

Hero Hunters Offline options are available, but are limited in what you can do. You do not need the internet to play this app though a few of the option wont be available like PvP among others. Many people are looking around online for an offline version of the app and it most likely doesn’t exist. Others may offer links to suck content, but the download if any are corrupted and wont work properly.

If your planning on getting the most out of this app then your going to want to play with an online connection. Since there are a seemingly large amount of players that wont offline you’ll only get to take advantage of part of the game. Another things that you’ll be missing out on is the purchases.

Daily rewards are obtainable while you do not have internet connection. Many games can be manipulated by changing the clock in your devices settings. I’m not sure if it can be done with this app, but if you can than you would be able to speed up the rate of getting daily rewards.

I might be a good idea to not even install apps that are promising extra things like offline play. For experienced players, they should already know that an offline game that is originally an online game will probably not be playable in a modded app. The chance that the app is contaminated with a virus or other hacky things is pretty good. There are a few reliable websites though that will allow you to download modded apps with real mods. If you find Hero Hunters on one of these websites it might be worth checking out as it will probably work.

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Feb 242018

The Hero Hunters Piggy Bank is a way to earn extra gold though you will have to pay for it using real money. The Piggy Bank won’t be available right away in the game, but it will appear later on. Every time you do various things in the game you will put more gold in the bank and after it is full you can purchase it for a possible better value than just buying some gold straight up.

It seems like the first time you buy the piggy you will be getting a pretty good deal on gold. The next times you have a chance to purchase it on the other hand wont have to much of an advantage over the other gold for sale. Each time you purchase it the amount of gold earned will increase along with the price using real money.

This feature is only going to be helpful for the people willing to pay real money while playing the game. Free players will not be able to benefit from this since it cost real money.

The video below has some hands on info that can help you if you have not made a purchase yet and were wondering what your getting into.

Gold is useful for purchasing various things in the store like crates which can be a good source of new heroes. Besides chests there isn’t a whole lots to spend gold on. Hero Crates seem to be the best buy when it come to getting a new hero with decent stats.

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