Apr 182018

Kelly Jones has just recently given an interview giving away a lot of information about the divorce with Alex Jones. Things went as expected as Kelly literally had nothing nice to say about Alex which makes her looks like a very unhappy person which could be understandable in this situation as her kids seem to want nothing to do with her. One of her biggest mistakes during the interview is talking about how Alex’s supplements on his site are completely useless which is a total lie as they are actually the best stuff you can get online, like the 90 Essential Nutrients that can prevent all birth defects and problems that effects people along with curing a ton of stuff.

Most of the videos on David Pakmans (Fake News) YouTube channel don’t have any views while the one with Kelly talking complete blasphemy about Alex is getting almost a half million views. This looks to be highly illegal manipulation terrorism in the search engines that is meant to bring down or discredit InfoWars which seems to match up with the many fake law suits Alex is currently being attacked with. David Pakman also said that Alex products have been completely discredited and is a horrific lie when many of those product are actually the best on the earth, FAAAAR beyond the mass murderous FDA.

It’s hilarious how Alex’s ex-wife has no idea why he might act crazy sometimes or get frustrated with things like 9/11. Does she have no idea what AJ does all day? UIs she completely unawares of the many layers of mass murder talking place in the world and US today like the FDA with a no cure policy? If the only complaints she has against Alex is being angry at Satan than that probably means that nothing ever really happened in the marriage with Alex, but more likely there was a red woman problem. Kelly seems to have a huge problem with her son working for Alex and especially at such a young age. Dear Kelly, InfoWars is one of the best places on earth with it’s holy spear tip info and far better than FDA healing products, your son working there is a blessing not a disappointment.

In the video Kelly shows herself to be almost completely incompetent or in full lie hit back mode for not being able to have her kids and train them to do nothing with their lives. Unfortunately, when a relationship heads for the worst someone has to take the kids and it should be the most helpful and guidful and in this case Alex is by far the winner and probably why he won the kids.

Another thing to note is that these guy have spend over 6 million dollars in the family feud which is got to expose how the law is steal from people because that is way more money than it should take to split up. It seems the gov has been geared to break up families and than profit greatly from the divorce proceeding and child custody. On the governments part this looks to be some kind of terrorist to prevent normal citizens from holding the rich and giv accountable. Lying judges and lawyers are getting payed too much when they should be in jail or out of a job, 1776!!!

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Mar 152018

For me the Florida College bridge falling seems to be really suspicious since it seems to match up with the club shooting that happened. First there was this largest shooting ever in a gay night club that seem to be staged by police and military, then after a little while a kid gets eaten by a crocodile and the news seems to forget about every thing. Now we have a school shooting where the supposed shooter was no where near the shooting when it took place according to an eye witness and now the news has another type of horrible event that seems to be and the passive and accidental side.

It looks to be some kind of pattern they are using to carry out an agenda to make it look like lots of bad things are going to happen in the world like terrorism and poor health care. These things instead seam to be produced by ruling elite, CIA, MI5, MI6 and others that have an agenda for the planet and it doesn’t seem to be very good for everyone. According to people like Alex Jones and Steven Greer there seems to be some kind of large scale world event that could happen that would change the world in a very large way. Since they seem to have an army of robots probably underground all over the place the need for a human military is largely obsolete and they seem to be recruiting lots of people in the military as a front.

With both the club shooting and recent school shooting having big evidence showing that the official story is a complete fabrication it seem as though Florida is a corrupt state being used to push a gun taking agenda along with working toward a large attack taking place in the future.

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Mar 122018

It looks as though the Leftists are suing Alex Jones for questioning the Charlottesville MSM PR Campaign. Alex has said a lot of things about the false flags that occur which MSM seems to be directly involved in and nothing has really come of it until now. Why now? It seems like Infowars has been under attack lately with law suits, YouTube channel strikes and a bombing in his home town which all seem suspicious since there happening so close together. It could be that Trump is proving effective against evil in this world and they are kicking and screaming on their way out.

To sue Alex Jones for questioning the official story hasn’t happened until now, years after he has shined light on many false flags and obvious government corruption. This could mean they are really feeling the pressure from somewhere and are having some kind of overload say they hit back naturally.

Alex is a pretty big deal with his super helpful products that are far better and beyond than FDA poison chemicals along with his spear tip information and news. To attack him for something that he is saying makes the attackers look even more like they are up to no good. As far as MSM is concerned they really haven’t been charging anyone for treason lately which MSM seems to be overly involved in.

This is also a major indicator of corruption in Virginia. Great, another state full of knowledgeless, compartmentalized zombie staff that feel the need to hit people trying to make the world a better place. How did they get their job and why do they still have it right.

It’s seems to be a new tactic when it comes to false flags as they seem to be having a hard time making everyone believe the chaos is real and not some corporate takeover attempt.

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Mar 042018

Below is a poll that people can use to vote on and find out which Alex Jones InfoWars products are the best. If your interested in any of the products listed here or would like to find out more about them you can do so at InfoWarsShop.com. This post is meant to help shed light on which products are the best so you can make a better purchasing decision. Most if not all of Alex Jones products are spear tip technology and better than anything else on the market today so no matter what you buy your getting a good deal and a great product.

I personally have tried many of the items they have available on Infowarsshop.com and have been very happy with the results. I used the 90 Essential Nutrients to get rid of my arthritis in 2 days!!! Check out this video for way more info on the 90 as it can prevent almost every disease known to man including all birth defects and can cure tons of things as well. I also have very good results with the Liver Shield which helped me loose 20-30 pounds and had amazingly noticeable cleanse results when used with Oxy Powder and there Liver Cleanse guide that also removed plastic balls that had formed in my appendix from FDA terrorism high treason food.

The Survival Shield X-2 Nascent Iodine is the best quality you can possible get as it’s mined from purple crystals and is 100% pure Iodine. This stuff is great for opening your third eye and cleaning your body of toxic waste like heavy medals and environmental pollution. It’s so strong that you can even get sick using it in the beginning from your body detoxifying too fast which can be countered by reducing the dosage or taking a break.

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