Mar 292018

Tyler the Creator Tells Timothée Chalamet on twitter “come get at me”. Timothée is known for his role in the movie Call Me By Your Name which is about to gay kids hooking up over the summer. The movie glamorizes child sex in Hollywood and misleads people about LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) which is preventable with the 90 Essential Nutrients, check videos below for more info on LGTBQ prevention.

Right now there seems to be a slow move forward to hold accountable people in Hollywood and rich people who have been doing horrible things to children for a long time. If you see a kid in a movie there is a good chance that they have been sexually assaulted or worse by people who work in or around the movie set or meeting them at parties or 1 on 1 type meetings. Corry Feldmen was just recently stabbed by apparently hired Mexican killers who were trying to shut him up about exposing the child abuse in Hollywood.

As far as the gay thing goes it seems that there is some kind of malnutrition terrorism taking place across the world where they are hiding the knowledge of nutrition to cure diseases and ailments and instead pushing murderous prescription meds, horrific treatments and making you think that birth defects are just normal. The truth is that the body runs on at least 90 Essential Nutrient say that you don’t suffer from the many health problems that are out there. If you take the 90 Essential Nutrients and eat healthy natural foods you will prevent having a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer baby along with ALL other birth defects, though environmental pollution could reduce your chances. Unfortunately, it looks like if your born with LGBTQ than your kinda stuck with it for the rest of your life though technology could be able to fix it in the future. It seems the FDA is intentionally causing birth defects so that they can profit from them and probably a little population control along with trying to take down America.

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