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A Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more. Bid Wars: Pawn Empire is a Strategy game developed by Tapps Games and is available free for download on Android.

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Wiki


Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Tips

Rare, Very Rare and Legendary List


Community College – This is where you can bring items to see if there rare, very rare or legendary. It will take some time to appraise the item.

Exchange – The Exchange is located on the world map and is where you can purchase Gold will real money and use gold to buy cash.

Free Gold – You can get free gold by completing objectives and leveling up. You can also watch videos for gold inside the Exchange. The only other way to acquire gold is to pay for it using real money.

Winning Bids – Bids can go pretty fast and the auction can be over before you know it. If you play on the safe side you can bid when it says “Going once” which will give you enough time to hit the button. If you want to cut it close than you can bid when it says “Going twice”. That means the auction is just about to end unless someone else bids. It’s not that hard to win you just have to be kinda sure that your gonna make a profit from the stuff in the locker. If you up the bids too many times you could be in for a loss though you might miss out on some rare items too.

It might not be the best practice to bid before the last call or you could be raising the price. One way to eliminate the competition is to use a boot to remove the highest bidder before an auction closes.



Bid Wars: Pawn Empire lets you join the biding fun by joining auctions for units that are full of all kinds of goods. After the auctions you can sell the items in you pawn shop. Some items may be rare, very rare or even legendary and can be worth a lot more than most. The higher difficulty in auctions means better items and more money.

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  1. What is the Loire icons at the bottom corner of the item your sell in like there’s a gun 🔫 Dimond cell phone ECT. And one mission says sell two utilities what are those.

  2. What location can you find textes documents

  3. Where do you find weapons. I only found 1 so far

    • same problem here 🤔 cant find any more weapons.
      Google says can find weapons on the ‘lower levels’ however, I have played all the lower levels over and over again n having no luck 😣

  4. What city do you find office chairs? I need 6 of them. Thank you.

  5. Where’s a defillabrator?

  6. How do you get Fact #2 for a rare item, I have the Civil War Diary and have already sent it to the College and got the first fact on it but to complete the challenge, it says to Know 2 facts on the Diary but don’t know how to get it to do that.

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