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In Bid Wars: Pawn Empire you will have the chance to find Rare, Very Rare and even Legendary legendary items in auctions and by purchasing them from customers in the pawn shop.

This list may not have every item so be sure to check back in the near future for more stuff including videos. The game is still pretty new so it might take some time to acquire them all. In the mean time you can check out the Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Wiki for more info.

Community College – There is a lot more than just finding an item and getting info on it your gonna have to put it in the Community College for an hour to get even more info about the item. You’ll be able to reveal real knowledge about it that can be slightly educational.

Library – This is where you can view all the items that have been collected while playing. Common and Uncommon wont have any information about them since the are just regular items. The Rare, Very Rare and Legendary have multi tab section that includes facts about the item along with knowledge that you might not have known. If you want to see more information on something you’ll have to sent it to the community college before selling it at the pawn shop.

Rare List

There are 25 items to find that a rare quality and they are more common than you think. Most of these items can be found at the low level auction site though some can be found in the later stages as well.

Very Rare List

There are 13 Very Rare item available in the game that are a little harder to find than the rare ones.

Legendary List List

There only 8 Legendary items to be found and they will be quite the challenge in doing so. These can be found early on, but much more likely to find them on the later stages along with people bringing some to your pawn shop.

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